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Online barcode generator
Online barcode generator | Thewebhunting

Do you need a barcode for your most recent project, item, or personal stock? Spend less money and time on pricey software. Barcodes are indispensable tools that are used by both individuals and organisations for tasks like product labelling and inventory management. Online barcode generators that are easy to use might provide a prompt and practical answer. All you have to do is select the sort of barcode you want, input your data, and get a free, excellent barcode that can be printed or used digitally.

Demystifying Barcodes: Your Guide to Those Squiggly Lines

Demystifying Barcodes: Your Guide to Those Squiggly Lines
Demystifying Barcodes: Your Guide to Those Squiggly Lines | Thewebhunting

Ever wondered what those lines and spaces on a product package mean? Look no further! Those are barcodes, a clever way for machines to read and understand information. Imagine them as a secret language for products, revealing details about them with a simple scan.

How Barcodes Work

Think of a barcode as a series of black and white stripes, each with varying widths. These stripes represent data, typically numbers and letters, that a barcode scanner can translate.

Benefits of Barcodes in E-commerce

Barcodes are like superheroes in the world of online stores! They help with:

  • Faster Checkout: Eliminate manual product searches and data entry with unique barcodes for each item. This speeds up checkout for both you and your customers.
  • Decreased Errors: Lower the possibility of typos and errors when entering data by hand. Barcodes guarantee precise product identification through the sales funnel.
  • Free to Use: Online barcode generators like Shopify eliminate the need for expensive barcode software or hardware, saving you money to invest in other areas of your business. Use it now!
  • Smooth Returns: Precise product data using barcodes guarantees prompt and effective processing of returns, which pleases customers.
  • Inventory Transparency: By using barcodes for real-time inventory tracking, you can keep consumers happy by preventing stockouts and rapidly filling orders.
  • Simplified Inventory Management: Scannable barcodes make it simple to trace product movement and stock levels, which simplifies inventory management.
  • Possibility for Integration: A lot of online generators easily interface with current POS and inventory control systems, further optimising your process.

Types of Barcodes

Just like different languages have different uses, there are various barcode types suited for specific purposes. Here are a few common ones you’ll encounter:

  • UPC & EAN: These are the workhorses of retail, often found on everyday products. They’re like ID cards, uniquely identifying an item with a series of numbers.
  • Code 39 & Code 128: Think of these as the workwear barcodes. Used primarily in warehouses and logistics, they can encode not just numbers but also letters, making them perfect for tracking and shipping.
  • QR Codes: These square-shaped barcodes hold more information than traditional stripes. Often used in marketing, they can link you to websites, promotions, or even download instructions – all with a quick scan from your smartphone!

Now you’re equipped to understand the secret language of barcodes! They might seem simple, but these squiggly lines play a vital role in the smooth operation of online stores. 

Why Shopify’s Online Barcode Generator is Your Secret Weapon for Success

Running a smooth online store is all about efficiency and customer satisfaction. That’s where Shopify’s free online barcode generator comes in as your secret weapon! Here’s how it empowers you:

  • Create Original Barcodes in a Flash

Bid farewell to laborious searches for pre-made barcodes. For every product, our generator generates a distinct barcode, guaranteeing a smooth checkout process for both you and your clients. Try it now!

  • Reduce Costs, Increase Profit

Give up on the pricey barcode gear and software! These expenses are removed by Shopify’s free online barcode generator, allowing you to reinvest the savings in your company and increase revenue.

  • Fewer Mistakes, More Efficiency

Typing data by hand increases the risk of mistakes. You may streamline your operations and lower the possibility of error by producing barcodes, which eliminate the need for manual labour.

  • Satisfied Clients, Continued Business

For an encounter to go well, accurate product information is essential. Barcodes guarantee that each item is accurately identified by your system at checkout, resulting in satisfied customers and repeat business.

  • Effortless Integration

Already using Shopify’s POS and inventory management systems? The generated barcodes integrate seamlessly, making everything work together like a well-oiled machine.

How Shopify’s Online Barcode Generator Works

How Shopify's Online Barcode Generator Works
How Shopify’s Online Barcode Generator Works | Thewebhunting
  • Head over to our Free Tool

Access the online barcode generator directly through Shopify – no need to search for external services.

  • Enter Your Product Information

Simply provide the data you want encoded in the barcode, such as product ID or SKU.

  • Fill in Your Email

Enter your email address to receive the generated barcode.

  • Download Your Custom Barcode

Once generated, you can download the barcode as a PNG image file, ready for printing.

  • Integrate or Print

Print the barcode on a label to stick on your products, or integrate it directly onto your packaging using design software. Useit now!

Maximising Your Barcode Success with Shopify

To ensure your barcodes scan smoothly and provide accurate information, here are some helpful tips:

  • Accuracy is Key

Double-check all product details you enter before generating the barcode. Any errors can lead to scanning problems or incorrect information being displayed.

  • Check Before You Print

Use a barcode scanner app on your smartphone to make sure the barcodes on your products scan accurately before applying them.

  • Size

Ensure that your barcode is eligible for scanners by making it sufficiently large. Select a location for your product packaging that will allow for easy visibility and clearance of any obstacles.

  • Invest in Quality

For optimal results, consider using a high-quality barcode printer. This ensures crisp barcodes that scan accurately and last longer.


Utilise the online barcode generator offered by Shopify to unleash the potential of effective inventory control! Create distinctive barcodes for your items with ease, cut expenses, and simplify your business processes. All you have to do is download the barcode, insert your product specifications, and integrate it into your system. Get started producing barcodes right now to see the difference for yourself! 

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How are online barcode generators operated?
By transforming data into a series of black and white bars that represent encoded information like product codes or numbers, barcode generators produce barcodes.
What information is available via a barcode?
Barcodes include data that may be obtained with a barcode scanner, including product identification, pricing, and inventory details.
Can the barcodes on the two products be the same?
No, two products cannot share the same barcode since each product is allocated a unique barcode for precise inventory control and tracking.

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