Explore Different Types Of Maternity Dresses For Women For Different Occasions

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maternity dresses for women
maternity dresses for women

Want to show off your precious baby bump with confidence? All you need is the VICI. Their maternity dresses for women are designed to make you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Whether you want to proudly show your growing family in a maxi dress or reserve your belly for your private moments with a flowing style, their maternity dresses offer a variety of premium, figure-flattering options to commemorate this extraordinary phase. Before we dive into our top picks from VICI, let’s first explore why you need to invest in maternity dresses for women, the different types available on the market, and how to choose the right size for yourself!

1. Why do I need maternity dresses for women during pregnancy?

There are various reasons why you should consider maternity dresses for women, including:

1. Comfort: Maternity dresses for women are made to be cosy for your growing tummy. You can move around freely without feeling constrained because they are constructed of soft, elastic fabrics.

2. Support: Maternity clothing can give your back and other body parts that experience greater stress during pregnancy support.

3. Protection: Maternity clothes can shield your baby from bruising and scratches.

4. Style: The maternity dresses for women come in a range of styles, allowing you to pick a dress that flatters your body and gives you confidence.

5. Easy breastfeeding access: Access to nursing areas is made simple by the design of many maternity dresses, mostly through nursing panels or other designs.

6. Versatility: Maternity dresses are appropriate for a range of occasions because they can be dressed up or down.

2. What are the different types of maternity dresses available for women?

1. You can choose a maternity dress that flatters your form and gives you confidence because there are so many different styles available. Listed below are a selection of the most well-liked types:

2. Empire waist dresses: Empire-waisted dresses have a high waist that sits just below the breast. All body shapes can wear this style, and it can be worn up or down.

3. Wrap dresses: Another adaptable design that is ideal for pregnancy is the wrap dress. They can be worn on many occasions and are adjustable to fit your expanding tummy.

4. A-line dresses: A-line attire features a fitted bodice and a flared skirt that skims the hips and thighs. This look is ideal for special occasions and complements all body types.

5. Maxi dresses: Maxi dresses are a fantastic choice for the summer or special occasions. These items can be styled for both formal and casual occasions, providing both comfort and a touch of style.

6. Bodycon dresses: Fitted bodycon dresses draw attention to your curves while still keeping them stylish. This look is ideal for formal events or a night out.

7. Shirt dresses: Shirt dresses are an easy-to-dress-up or dress-down style. They are ideal for various activities, including work, recreation, or special events.

8. Maternity dresses for women come in a wide range of fabrics, hues, and patterns in addition to these standard styles. They are also available in a variety of fabrics, including formal silk taffeta and casual cotton jerseys.

3. How do I choose the right size for maternity dresses?

You should think about your pre-pregnancy size and how much weight you have acquired throughout pregnancy to select the appropriate size for maternity clothes. Additionally, you ought to measure your hips, waist, and bust.

Here are some pointers for picking the appropriate maternity dress size for yourself:

1. To begin, consider your pre-pregnancy size. Since most maternity dresses come in the exact sizes of other clothing, you can start by selecting one in your pre-pregnancy size.

2. Consider your weight gain. You might need to size up in maternity clothing if you gain a lot of weight while pregnant. The fact that maternity dresses for women are made to fit your expanding belly should be kept in mind, so you might not need to size up as much as you think.

3. Take your measurements. The easiest approach to guarantee that the maternity dress you purchase fits you properly is to take your measurements. 

4. Consult the size chart. Always check the size chart carefully when looking for maternity clothing. This will assist you in selecting a dress that fits your measurements correctly.

5. Put the dress on. Try the maternity dress on if at all feasible before buying it. That way, you can make sure it fits properly and is comfortable to wear.


4. 5 maternity dresses for women from VICI for different occasions 

1. Saint Jean Pocketed Smocked Maxi Dress – Camel

Saint Jean Pocketed Smocked Maxi Dress - Camel | Thewebhunting
Saint Jean Pocketed Smocked Maxi Dress – Camel | Thewebhunting

Occasion: Beach Vacation

With the Saint Jean Pocketed Smocked Maxi Dress, you can easily embrace comfort and style. The maxi skirt adds an elegant touch to this dress, which has a smocked bodice for a flattering fit. It’s one of the ideal maternity dresses for women for casual outings, whether you’re visiting friends for breakfast or browsing a weekend market, thanks to its deep camel colour and practical pockets.

2. Del Mar Pocketed High Low Maxi Dress

Occasion: Black Tie Event

With the help of the Del Mar Pocketed High Low Maxi Dress, get ready for a beachy excursion. You will feel like a goddess by the water in this dress. The pockets offer a utilitarian touch, while the high-low hem and flowy silhouette inspire a sense of casual elegance. This is one of your go-to maternity dresses for women, whether you’re touring coasts or taking in a sunset meal by the sea.

3. Faithful One Plaid Babydoll Dress – Green

Faithful One Plaid Babydoll Dress - Green | Thewebhunting
Faithful One Plaid Babydoll Dress – Green | Thewebhunting

Occasion: Date Night

With the Faithful One Plaid Babydoll Dress, you can up your date-night appearance. With its fun plaid design and feminine babydoll style, this dress emanates a romantic charm. It is the ideal option for a special night out because of the deep green colour’s touch of class. For a striking look, team it up with your favourite heels and accessories.

4. Madelina Tiered Cotton Blend Midi Dress – Clay

Occasion: Work

The Madelina Tiered Cotton Blend Midi Dress in Clay will help you stand out at the office in a fashionable way. This outfit seamlessly mixes comfort and professionalism. The clay-coloured fabric emanates warmth and assurance, while the tiered midi length adds a dash of flair. Regardless of whether you have meetings or presentations, this dress will keep you looking put together and composed all day.

5. Cartagena Cutout Tiered Maxi Dress – White

Cartagena Cutout Tiered Maxi Dress - White | Thewebhunting
Cartagena Cutout Tiered Maxi Dress – White | Thewebhunting

Occasion: Summer Garden Party

Embrace the spirit of summer with the Cartagena Cutout Tiered Maxi Dress in White, one of the top pregnancy dresses for women on VICI. With its layered ruffles and charming, feminine style, this dress is ideal for a garden party. It is ideal for outdoor parties and sunny celebrations because of the cutout elements, which provide a bit of intrigue. For a stylish and carefree summer style, pair it with your favourite sandals and a sun hat.


Make sure to explore VICI’s selection of maternity dresses for women. They have some pretty fashionable items that you can wear in various settings. No matter if it’s for work or a casual situation, our top picks above will make you feel exceptional. Use our tips to carefully study and confirm your size before shopping. More of these updates are available on Thewebhunting.


Are maternity dresses only available in maternity stores?
No, maternity dresses for women are available in a variety of stores, including department stores, boutiques, and online retailers. Some regular clothing stores also carry maternity lines.
When should I start wearing maternity dresses?
Maternity dresses can be worn anytime you feel comfortable doing so. While others wait until the second or third trimester, some women begin wearing maternity dresses as early as the first.
Can I continue wearing my regular dresses during pregnancy?
Yes, you can continue wearing some of your regular dresses during pregnancy. However, as your belly expands, you might need to change your outfit. You might still be able to get away with wearing some loose-fitting dresses, but you could also need to start dressing in maternity dresses or other maternity-friendly attire.

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