The Magnetic Whiteboard Chronicles: Where Ideas Stick and Thrive

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magnetic whiteboard
magnetic whiteboard

A magnetic whiteboard is like the unsung hero of organisation and creativity. It’s your visual playground as much as a place to scrawl notes. The flat surface is ideal for outlining your big ideas, scribbling, or brainstorming. And magnetic magic? It’s like having a sidekick that holds up all your important stuff – from memos to quirky magnets. In offices, classrooms, or even your home sweet home, this board brings people together, sparks ideas, and keeps things in check. It’s not just a whiteboard; it’s your canvas for organised chaos and the heartbeat of collaborative brilliance!

1. All About Magnetic Whiteboard

Choosing the right magnetic whiteboard is like finding the perfect dance partner for your creative endeavours. Consider the size that fits your space – you wouldn’t want a behemoth taking over your wall or a postage stamp-sized board cramping your style. Choose a surface that is just the proper amount of sturdy to hold up against the magnetic charm while still being smooth enough to make writing on it easy. Verify whether it includes extras like erasers and markers so you can have all the supplies you need for brainstorming in one place. 

Now, let’s talk about maintenance. Your magnetic whiteboard is a work of art – a canvas for your brilliance – and it deserves some love. Start with regular cleaning. A basic solution of water and mild detergent works wonders; throw away costly concoctions. Abrasive cleansers should be avoided in order to prevent scratching the smooth surface. When wiping, use a paper towel to avoid creating a confetti trail; instead, use a soft cloth or a whiteboard eraser. 

If you find stubborn marks overstaying their welcome, a touch of rubbing alcohol usually persuades them to leave the party. Lastly, embrace the power of magnets, but be gentle. Slamming them onto the board can lead to dents or scratches. Treat your magnetic whiteboard with care, and it will be your trusty companion in ideation for years to come – a reliable ally in the grand dance of creativity.

2. Best Magnetic Whiteboard by WHSmith

1. Bi-Office Aluminium Finish Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm MB1406186

Bi-Office Aluminium Finish Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm MB1406186
Bi-Office Aluminium Finish Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm MB1406186

The Bi-Office Aluminium Finish Drywipe Board is ideal for any work environment since it blends style and utility. The aluminium frame adds a contemporary touch to any environment while still being durable. This whiteboard can blend in with any decor thanks to a variety of coloured plastic corner caps, giving your workstation a unique touch. A clip-on pen tray is also included to guarantee that a marker pen is always accessible for convenience. This 1200x900mm drywipe board is a vital tool for encouraging efficiency and creativity in work settings since it offers enough room for brainstorming, taking notes, and collaborative work.

2. WHSmith Double Sided Magnetic Dry Wipe Board 40x30cm

Need a central hub for your schedules and important reminders? Look no further than this versatile double-sided magnetic drywipe board. Whether you prefer a plain or gridded surface, this board has you covered. For convenience, it includes a soft-touch magnetic board rubber, two magnets, and four coloured dry-wipe pens. This 40 by 30-centimetre board is ideal for your study, office, or kitchen. It helps you keep focused and organised. However, exercise caution when handling the little components because it poses a risk of ingestion for children younger than three years old.

3. WHSmith Magnetic Drywipe Board Assorted Colours

WHSmith Magnetic Drywipe Board Assorted Colours
WHSmith Magnetic Drywipe Board Assorted Colours

The WHSmith Magnetic Drywipe Board allows you to keep organised while expressing your creativity. This board provides everything you need to doodle, write to-do lists, and leave messages. It gives your place a unique touch and comes in pink or blue (colour selection is random). A board pen, magnets, and all the mounting supplies you need are included in the packaging, making it simple to arrange the board wherever you’d like. At 30 by 40 cm, it provides enough room for your notes and sketches, making it a useful and fashionable addition to your house or place of business.

4. WHSmith Magnetic Drywipe Board 60cm x 40cm

Your ideas can be painted on this large dry-wipe board like a blank canvas. Not only can you write reminders on it, but you can also use it to display postcards, notes, and pictures—basically, anything that merits attention. The package is like a complete toolkit, including circular magnets to hold things in place, a black ink pen for writing, a handy foldable shelf to keep your pen within reach, and all the wall fixings (screws and plugs) you need for easy installation. Measuring around 60cm in width and 40 cm in height, it’s not just a board; it’s your creative and organisational sidekick, ready to make a statement in your home or office.

5. Leitz Cosy Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 600x400mm Grey

Leitz Cosy Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 600x400mm Grey
Leitz Cosy Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 600x400mm Grey

Create a comfortable and stylish workspace anywhere you go with the Cosy Magnetic Glass Whiteboard by Leitz. Featuring a minimalist design and inviting colours, this range allows you to infuse your workspace with a touch of personal style. The glass magnetic whiteboard is a versatile note-taking tool that provides endless usability – write with the included dry marker, wipe it clean, and start fresh. With its tile design, this board is not only functional but also adds a chic touch to your home or office, ensuring a relaxed and productive atmosphere throughout your day.

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The Magnetic Whiteboard isn’t just a tool; it’s a dynamic canvas that brings organisation and creativity to life. With a commitment to quality, these whiteboards offer the perfect blend of smooth writing surfaces and magnetic functionality, creating a space where ideas effortlessly stick and flourish. Whether used in offices, classrooms, or homes, the WHSmith Magnetic Whiteboard becomes a central hub for collaboration, sparking innovation and enhancing visual communication. For more information, visit TheWebHunting


Are magnetic whiteboards better?
Magnetic whiteboards offer added versatility by allowing you to attach documents, notes, and magnetic accessories. This feature enhances organisation and creativity, making them a preferred choice for collaborative spaces where visual communication is key.
What is a magnetic whiteboard?
A writing surface consisting of smooth, erasable material, usually porcelain or melamine, is called a magnetic whiteboard. Its magnetic feature, which lets users attach magnets and magnetic attachments for extra usefulness, is what makes it unique.
Can I magnetise a whiteboard?
Whiteboards are typically not magnetic on their own. However, you can use magnetic sheets or receptive coatings to add a magnetic quality to a standard whiteboard, allowing it to attract magnets and offer the benefits of a magnetic surface.

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