4 Living Room Furniture Ideas That Will Give Your Space A Whole New Vibe

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living room furniture
living room furniture

Our living rooms are where we make cherished memories, share laughter with loved ones, and unwind after a long day. It’s the hub of our homes that plays host to family get-togethers, movie nights, or peaceful moments lost in a good book. However, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of monotonous furniture arrangements leaving us stuck with an obligatory space over one filled with comfort and vitality- until now!

However, our purpose is to discard the conventional requirements of layout and create the most extravagant designs imaginable, providing a completely fresh look for your living room. These suggestions for arranging living room furniture in your space will surely leave you eager to return again and again.

Ideas for Living Room Furniture to Create Your Own Conversation Nook

1. Arrange a delightful conversational area by placing living room furniture like two plush armchairs in a corner, offering an intimate and warm space. You can use these armchairs- 

  • Harris Chair – Natural
Harris Chair - Natural
Harris Chair – Natural

The Harris Chair- Natural is chic and snug fitting for any living room setting. Designed using durable timber frame materials filled with foam-fibre mixtures that guarantee full relaxation while sitting on it. It fits well among other coordinated pieces like 2 or 3-seater sofas and footstools, giving you options to establish your perfect lounging setup at home thanks to its consistent style and quality comfort standards embodied within this chair design.

  • Harris Tartan Accent Chair

The Harris Tartan Accent Chair is an exquisite seating addition to your living room that exudes style and comfort. Crafted from strong and sturdy wood, this chair promises durability while adding a hint of rustic charm. Its cushioning comprises a blend of foam and fibre for optimal cosiness during use. This accent piece is perfectly matched with coordinating furniture sets, making it an excellent choice to elevate both elegance and relaxation in your home decor scheme.

2. For added definition, position a round coffee table with a woven rug underneath in between them. You can use this circular table as the perfect centrepiece for your area. 

  • Round Glass Top Coffee Table – Oak 
Round Glass Top Coffee Table - Oak 
Round Glass Top Coffee Table – Oak

The Oak Round Glass Top Coffee Table boasts an exquisite curved pattern that comes in various hues, making it a great match for any living space. Its tempered glass surface features a polished bevel border and rests elegantly on elegant layers of veneer legs touched up with chic chrome discs. This living room furniture makes for the ultimate modern focal point – able to deliver both style and practicality- fitting flawlessly into any household arrangement.

3. Enhance the armchairs by installing built-in bookcases or tall shelves filled with books, decorative items, and cherished possessions.

  • Tiered Bamboo Wood Book Storage Shelf

The Bamboo Wood Book Storage Shelf with Tiers seamlessly merges modernity and simplicity. Its slotted construction ensures objects stay dry, while its adaptable structure doubles as a plant holder or storage unit. Constructed from robust wood, this understated yet country-style furnishing enhances any interior decor’s elegance. Featuring effortless assembly and lightweight design, it presents a practical and chic way to exhibit books, picture frames, etc.

  • Riva Corner Ladder Bookcase
Riva Corner Ladder Bookcase
Riva Corner Ladder Bookcase

The Riva Corner Ladder Bookcase has a sleek oak wood effect finish that adds elegance to any room. Its contemporary pyramid shape features five tiers of shelves that provide an efficient solution for both storage and display purposes. This corner unit is perfect for anyone looking for a functional yet stylish addition to their space.

Arrange Your Living Room Furniture Entertainment Zone

  1. Mount your TV on the opposite wall, ensuring comfortable viewing from the conversation nook and other seating areas.
  2. Beneath the TV, position a sleek console table or sideboard. Arrange your media devices, gaming consoles, or decorative items on top. You can use this console table- 

Orleans 2 Drawer Console Desk

Orleans 2 Drawer Console Desk
Orleans 2 Drawer Console Desk

The Orleans 2 Drawer Console Desk effortlessly blends mid-century charm with modern functionality. Featuring two spacious drawers with chic metallic detailing, a central open compartment, and contrasting hairpin legs, this retro-inspired table adds understated glamour to any living space. The mango-effect construction creates a neutral palette, allowing the engraved geometric design on the drawers to shine. Its vintage appeal is completed by elegant hairpin legs, offering a perfect balance of style and practicality.

Add storage baskets or drawers within the console to manage remotes, games, and cables discreetly.

Living Room Furniture For Multifunctional Reading and Work Station

  1. Consider using a section of the wall adjacent to your conversation nook by transforming it into a multifunctional station.
  2. You can easily achieve this by installing either a floating shelf, desk or any other appropriate living room furniture at an ideal height and pairing it with a comfortable chair for added comfort. 

You can add these living room furniture items- 

Nikomedes Wall shelf

The Nikomedes Wall Shelf embodies contemporary elegance through its herringbone pattern that seamlessly blends in with any decor style while offering ample storage space. Its rustic charm exudes nostalgia adding character to your dining or living area; Additionally, you could add open shelving underneath if you choose to use it as an extra storage alternative.

  1. This new designated workspace can serve multiple functions such as reading cosy corner stacked up with books
  2. Underneath the shelf/desk, add open shelving or cabinets for storing books, work supplies, or hobby materials.

You can use these bookcases- 

  • Tribeca Low Bookcase

The Tribeca Low Bookcase gives modern aesthetics blended perfectly well with functionality cleaning up things altogether effortlessly and conveniently stashing away all hobby supplies with finishing touches added. This chic piece comes fully equipped with three practical bookshelves perfect for storing work materials together and staying organised throughout, and thanks to Julian Bowen’s Tribeca collection, it offers both durability & beauty, a winning combination every time!

Ambient Lighting and Greenery:

Employ layered lighting with table lamps on the console and side tables, floor lamps flanking the bookcases, and recessed or track lighting overhead. You can use these pieces of living room furniture for the vibe- 

Abbey Sideboard With Two Doors And Two Drawers

Abbey Sideboard With Two Doors And Two Drawers
Abbey Sideboard With Two Doors And Two Drawers

The Abbey Sideboard seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern utility. Its unique design, featuring tubular iron frames and rustic wooden panels, evokes a timeless aesthetic. With two doors, two drawers, and additional side storage, this sideboard offers practical and characterful storage solutions. The metal runners and outer frame enhance durability, making it a distinctive addition to any modern home.

SoBuy Side Table with Storage Shelves

The SoBuy Side Table is an ideal combination of practicality and flexibility. Featuring double shelves that can hold books, magazines, or newspapers with ease; this table offers ample storage space. Furthermore, its four castors – two fitted with stops to enhance manoeuvrability add convenience to mobility for the user’s benefit.

Incorporate abundant greenery throughout the room by placing petite plants atop your coffee table, suspending planters near shelving units, and situating a sizable floor plant in an optimal corner. If desired, you may also introduce artificial plants onto your surfaces.


There you have it! Four distinct living room furniture arrangements, each with its own personality and purpose, waiting to transform your space. These living room furniture ideas offer a transformative approach to elevate your space into a haven of comfort and style. Remember, these are just starting points. The beauty lies in adapting them to your unique needs, preferences, and the quirks of your living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match, and let your creativity flow. Check out some of our favourite pieces on The Range today and create a living room that truly resonates with you.

For more information on living room furniture by The Range, visit TheWebHunting. 


What furniture is usually in a living room?
We generally place sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, console tables, bookcases, TV stands, rugs, and ottomans in the living room.
How to plan a living room furniture?
Consider traffic flow, seating needs, activities, function, and style. Measure your space and sketch potential layouts.
Which type of sofa or sofa set is best for the living room?
Depends on needs! L-shaped for large families, loveseat for couples, sleeper sofa for guests, etc.

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