What Are The Different Types Of Lip Gloss: Bring Out Your Glam Girl And Slay! 

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Lip Gloss
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Don your favorite shade and give your lips the pop of color and shine they need. If your clothing feels dull and needs a bit of sparkle, consider using lip gloss. While the world of makeup goes through many changes, lip gloss has proven itself as a lasting fashion staple. They are simple and give a seamless upgrade to any outfit. Eva is a platform specializing in beauty and healthcare products. The handy platform is here to help you find the best possible lip gloss. Keep reading to find out more about lip glosses from Eva. 

Find the Perfect Lip Gloss for Yourself

When you are searching for a lip gloss for yourself, there are many factors to consider such as, 

1. Skin Tone

One of the first steps towards finding an ideal lip product for yourself is taking in consideration your skin tone. There are different colors that go with certain undertones. Determine your skin tone and then research about the colors that go well with it. 

2. Finish

What type of finish do you want your gloss to have? There are a plethora of options to choose from. For instance, you can try a matte look, glossy finish, hydrating one or a voluminous one. 

3. Personal Preference

Your personal preference plays a big role too. If you are a bold girl then consider voluminous and extra lustrous lip glosses. But if you love keeping it simple and minimalistic then you can choose translucent or light colored glosses. 

Different Types of Lip Glosses 

If you want a glossy effect, a hydrating gloss or one that adds volume to your already added lip color, you decide whichever lip gloss suits your needs best.

1. Matte Finish: Hereiam Velvet Matte Lip Gloss 

Hereiam Velvet Matte Lip Gloss
Hereiam Velvet Matte Lip Gloss | Thewebhunting

This lip gloss has a matte effect. If you want to prevent lip dryness then this is a great option for you. It has a velvety application and also has a long-lasting impact. So, you don’t have to worry about reapplying the product again and again. To apply, you should use the pointed part of the applicator for outlining and for filling, use the flat part. Apply the gloss using light strokes. Start from the center and move towards the corner parts.

2. Glossy Effect: NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss 

This lip product has a glossy effect. If you feel like adding more to your outfits, then this is the best way to do it. Moreover, it will give a much needed shine to your look. This lip gloss doesn’t feel sticky, and it lasts a really long time. You can wear it alone or put it over your favorite lipstick.

3. Translucent: Cherel Megashine Energy 

Cherel Megashine Energy 
Cherel Megashine Energy  | Thewebhunting

If you want a lip gloss with soft gel consistency and a shiny effect then this one’s for you. The lip gloss has small reflective patterns infused in it and has a glossy formula. It is best to use the gloss over other lipsticks to add that shine to the look. It will also enhance the durability of the coating and give a soft delicate shade.

4. For Volume: Eveline Cosmetics, Holographic Brilliant

Eveline Cosmetics, Holographic Brilliant
Eveline Cosmetics, Holographic Brilliant | Thewebhunting

If you want to give volume to your lip makeup, then this lip gloss is the best option to choose! It will give your lips a stunning shine and voluminous effect. The gloss has a medium consistency and also has a high durability level. It means it won’t come off quickly, so you don’t have to use it again and again. It also has a great  nourishing and moisturizing effect on the lips. 


Lip gloss can make you look better right away and feel more sure of yourself. Are you looking for lip gloss to make your everyday style nicer or to stand out on special occasions?  The path to finding your ideal lip gloss is fun and exciting. By considering your skin tone, style preferences, and personal comfort, you can find the lip gloss that accentuates your beauty and completes your makeup routine. The handy platform Eva is here to support you on the journey and help you find the perfect lip gloss for yourself. 

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How long does lip gloss stay on lips?
This depends on the type of lip gloss and your lip health. If your lips get chapped or cracked fast and need moisture regularly, then you will need to reapply the gloss because it may not last longer. But, certain lip glosses have a hydrating and voluminous effect, so if you go for them then you will be able to make them last longer on your lips. 
How often should you apply lip gloss?
It depends on your needs and the type of lip gloss. If you feel like your lips get chapped quickly and need that hydrating effect, then you can reapply lip gloss to restore this effect. However, if you are okay with the simple look then you don’t need to apply lip gloss a lot of times. It is advisable to reapply lip gloss after activities like eating or drinking to maintain that fresh and glossy look. 
Can I use lip gloss everyday?
Yes, you can use lip gloss everyday. Lip gloss has many benefits and sometimes performs specialized functions  depending upon the type. For example, there are lip glosses that specially cater to hydrating effect, glossy finish or a matte look. If you go out frequently, you can opt for lip glosses that cater to UV protection. Make sure to remove the gloss at the end of the day.









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