The Illuminating Guide To Brighten Up Your Kitchen With These Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

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kitchen cabinet lighting
kitchen cabinet lighting

This is because kitchen cabinet lighting is not just another part of the kitchen but a very important one that enhances practicality and beauty in the core of every home. With regards to this, good lighting can make a boring kitchen become an attractive cooking place.

For instance, Kitchen cabinet lighting helps beautify a kitchen space by accentuating its aesthetic appeal. It adds dimensions, and surfaces and makes even the most basic of designs exciting by simply shining lights on select cabinets. 

Properly planned illumination for example that includes displaying beautiful chinaware or highlighting an architectural line can evoke emotion through lighting hence creating warmth in kitchens for all occupants alike.

Travis Perkins has a wide collection of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting on their website. Let’s explore them in this blog.

Exploring Varieties of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is very popular. It is a top choice for kitchen counter lights. This kind of lighting is installed under the top of kitchen cabinets. It gently illuminates countertops, making culinary activities easy. LED strip lights, puck lights, and linear fixtures are some common under-cabinet lighting options. They come in various levels of brightness and color temperatures to suit personal preferences.

2. Interior Cabinet Lighting

Interior Cabinet lamps specifically focus on lighting up what is placed inside them. This can be done by including interior cabinet lights that are such as LED puck lights and motion-sensor-activated LEDs. Thus, it will be able to make finding things easier since you won’t have to use a flashlight or strain your eyes in dimly lit rooms.

3. Overhead Cabinet Lighting

For kitchens with overhead cabinetry or open shelving, overhead cabinet lighting or under counter lights, a kitchen presents an excellent opportunity to showcase decorative elements or create ambient lighting effects. LED tape lights or recessed fixtures installed atop cabinets can infuse the kitchen with a soft, diffused glow, adding warmth and character to the space while highlighting design accents or architectural features.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Options

You won’t want to miss the top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Lighting that Travis Perkins has to offer, which are mentioned below.

1. Zeta Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White

Zeta Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White
Zeta Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White

The Zeta Under Cabinet Single Light in Natural White is a premium lighting solution designed specifically for illuminating kitchen cabinets with LED lights. Engineered with convenience and aesthetics in mind, this fixture comes equipped with a fitting supplied with a collar for seamless surface mounting, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. 

Crafted to exude a sleek appearance, the Sensio Zeta light effortlessly integrates into any kitchen design, enhancing its visual appeal while providing practical illumination. Its diffused light feature ensures uniform brightness without any visible dots, offering a smooth and inviting ambience to the kitchen environment. Get it now!

2. Culina Fonte LED Triangular Cabinet LIGHT-MAINS Powered

The epitome of modern solutions in kitchen cabinet lighting, Culina Fonte LED Triangular Cabinet LIGHT-MAINS Powered. This light fixture is designed to easily blend into your cooking area with an innovative triangular design that maximizes the amount of light while minimizing visual clutter. 

It powers directly from the main supply thus guaranteeing constant performance without worrying about frequent battery changeovers. The integrated 1.5 v Cool White LEDs give clear and effective lights that provide brilliance adding to visibility and ambience throughout your cabinets. 

Culina Fonte LED Triangular Cabinet LIGHT-MAINS Powered has energy conservation as its main agenda whereby it is created to reduce electricity bills without affecting its luminosity level. Buy Now!

3. Sensio SE11090N0 Plaza Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White

Sensio SE11090N0 Plaza Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White
Sensio SE11090N0 Plaza Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White

The Sensio SE11090N0 Plaza Under Cabinet Single Light Natural White is an outstanding proposition for kitchen cabinet lighting, blending into any kitchen space with its slim look and effective operation. 

The 1.5m connection cable of this plug-and-play lighting solution enables easy installation such that users can light up their cabinets effortlessly without complex wiring. Apart from maximizing the utilization of space, its super thin depth also gives the kitchen a modern look.

Designed to give the best possible illumination, the Sensio SE11090N0 has a diffused brightness emitting natural white light which removes any visible dots and creates a uniform glow throughout the inside of the kitchen cupboard. This ensures even every corner and shelf is lit up; thereby improving visibility and access to kitchen essentials. Get it now on Travis Perkins!

4. Culina Laghetto LED Circular Cabinet LIGHT-MAINS Powered

Culina Laghetto Circular Cabinet Light is an ideal solution to lighting cabinets in kitchens that is functional and stylish. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this 240V satin nickel pressed steel spotlight offers versatility, allowing for both surface and recessed mounting options to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen design.

With advanced LED technology integrated into it, the light eliminates the need for a separate LED driver, making installation easier and reducing interference in the cabinet space. Besides, its powerful 1.5W LED produces 140 lumens of cool white light at 4000K for clear visibility while remaining energy efficient. Further flexible placement of the unit is afforded by the provided 1.5m cable enabling it to be positioned conveniently according to your specific lighting needs.

5. Sensio SE15090T10P Luce Triotone Ten Light Kit Square Plinth LED Light with Driver Stainless Steel

Sensio SE15090T10P Luce Triotone Ten Light Kit Square Plinth LED Light with Driver Stainless Steel
Sensio SE15090T10P Luce Triotone Ten Light Kit Square Plinth LED Light with Driver Stainless Steel

This Sensio SE15090T10P Luce Triotone Ten Light Kit Square Plinth LED Light with Driver Stainless Steel will enhance the ambience and functionality of your kitchen space. Precision and innovation are at the core of this lighting solution that perfectly blends in with your kitchen cabinetry by providing you with both aesthetic appeal and functional light.

This kit features TrioTone technology which offers an opportunity to personalize your lighting options, shifting from cool white, natural white or warm white according to various occasions. The square plinth lights made out of thin stainless steel material look very slim and modern but still offer an ample amount of light to brighten up your kitchen work area. Buy Now!


Kitchen cabinet lighting is a vital element of kitchen design that augments utility as well as adds depth, warmth and visual appeal to the space. By thoughtfully choosing and installing lighting fixtures for this purpose, people can turn their kitchens into inviting culinary sanctuaries that will spark innovation and pleasure. 

Starting from under cabinet LEDs up to over-the-top rope lights, there are numerous ways of making your kitchen look illuminated with modern style by having it fitted with kitchen cabinet lighting. Whether you prefer subtle under-cabinet lighting or bold statement pieces, Travis Perkins offers a diverse range of options to suit your taste and requirements. Trust in the quality and reliability of Travis Perkins to illuminate your kitchen with enduring elegance.

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What are the advantages of installing an under counter lights kitchen?
  • Offer work light for cooking and food preparation.
  • Create an atmosphere in the room and highlight countertops & backsplashes.
What types of luminaires are good for lighting kitchen cabinets?
  • LED strip lights: they are bendable strips (flexible) energy consumption is low.
  • Puck lights: They are tiny lamps which can be easily put in place and moved around.
How can I choose the right brightness level for my kitchen cabinet lighting?
  • Task requirements: Ensure adequate illumination for food prep.
  • Ambient lighting: Match brightness with overall kitchen lighting for consistency.

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