Affordable Car Rides: Used Volkswagen Golf GTI Automobiles On Sale At Cargurus

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Golf gti
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The Volkswagen automobile brand is one of the top and largest car manufacturers in the world known for its versatility and excellent performance while still staying true to its legacy. One of the selling Volkswagen cars is the Golf GTI which is a compact sports car that gives you the proper thrill of driving a sporty car while also being family-friendly so your loved ones feel safe and sound.

Buying a Volkswagen for your family is a one of the best investments and car financing on Cargurus is the next decision that you must make for a budget-friendly and smart expenditure.

Features of Volkswagen that will make you fall in love with the Automobile

Features of Volkswagen that will make you fall in love with the Automobile
Features of Volkswagen that will make you fall in love with the Automobile | thewebhunting

While Volkswagen surely introduces various exciting features in every latest model, there are some specifics that you’ll probably find in every model.

  1. Window Convenience

You don’t have to roll up and down your windows or even keep pressing a button so that it slowly rolls down. You can close or open the windows remotely using your key fob. All you have to do is go to your dashboard, select Car, then Settings Opening/Closing, then choose Convenience Opening and select All Windows. When you press the lock button for 3 seconds you can quickly open or close the windows even if you are outside the car.

      2. Heated Side Mirrors

It gets difficult while driving in rain or in snow, as all the windows and side mirror starts getting foggy. With Volkswagen’s heated side mirrors feature seeing out-through side mirrors has become easier and you don’t even have to compromise on visibility. Not only this feature offers the convenience of driving but also works as an additional safety feature.

      3. Auto Lock Exterior

The auto lock exterior feature in Volkswagen lets you lock your doors from outside making you feel much safer. To set up the function, go to your dashboard, select Cars, then Vehicle Settings, Opening and Closing, and choose the Autolocking option. When you start your vehicle and drive above the speed of 5mph, the doors will automatically get locked.

      4. Park Assist

Park Assist is one of the best Volkswagen features that is pretty useful for people who struggle while parking their cars. Whether you want to parallel park or reverse 90-degree parking, the park assist system automatically parks the car efficiently. The feature also saves you time and many attempts that you might take while parking.

If you are intrigued about investing in a Volkswagen car, Golf GTI is one of the most preferred automobiles to check out.

Specifications of Volkswagen Golf GTI Models



Volkswagen Golf GTI (2020-2022) Volkswagen Golf GTI (2018-2019) Volkswagen Golf GTI (2013-2017) Volkswagen Golf GTI (2009-2012) Volkswagen Golf GTI (2005-2008)
Power 241-295 bhp 201-245bhp 216-305 bhp 207-231 bhp 197-226 bhp
Mileage 14,000-20,000 mi 30,000-40,000 mi 40,000-95,000 mi 80,000-120,000 mi 70,000-120,000 mi
Engine 2.0 TSI Petrol 2.0 TSI Petrol 2.0 TSi Petrol 2.0 TSi Petrol 2.0 Petrol
Gearbox Automatic Automatic Manual/
Manual Manual


Now that you know that Volkswagen automobiles are surely worth finding, here are some of the Used Volkswagen Golf GTI models that are on sale at CarGurus and are in pretty good condition. So, if you feel like making a long-term investment but don’t want to go overboard, these are the most affordable automobiles at Cargurus, you can find online.

Used Volkswagen Golf GTI Cars to Purchase today

If you want to find the best deals and lower prices that you are getting in the market, CarGurus is offering a nationwide sale of used Volkswagen Golf GTI that you should grab right away.

  1. 2018 Volkswagen Gold 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG

2018 Volkswagen Gold 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG
2018 Volkswagen Gold 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG | thewebhunting

The Golf GTI 2018 hatchback model comes with various amazing features like cruise control, alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite navigation. With an automatic gearbox and horsepower of 227hp, you can enjoy a long ride with your family and friends in this front-wheel driving car.

This 2018 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG model, in white shade, is in pretty good condition and will cost you around £21,200. When you compare the market price with CarGurus, you’ll realise that you are probably saving around £1,337.

       2. 2022 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TSI GTI DSG

The Black hatchback 2022 Volkswagen Gold 2.0 TSI GTI DSG with so many fascinating features like front-wheel driving, automatic gearbox, cruise control, alloy wheels, climate control, keyless start system, and satellite navigation is undoubtedly one of the best finds.

The 2022 Golf GTI being one of the most updated versions comes at a cost of £31,058, which is around £2,371 amount less than the market price. So, if you want to own a premium-looking automobile that gives you a sporty car feel, this article as well as cars on sale at Cargurus is surely worth exploring.

     3. 2017 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG

2017 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG
2017 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TSI GTI 5d DSG | thewebhunting

If you don’t want to burn out your whole budget on purchasing a new car, this 2017 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TSI GTI model is one of the most affordable automatic cars on Cargurus you’ll find online. The front-wheel drive will cost you around £18,850, around £1,178 lesser than the market price.

The metallic black shade of the Golf GTI for sale gives it a sophisticated vibe and with so many features like alloy wheels, Bluetooth, a keyless entry/start system, and climate control, it is a perfect family car to invest in.


When you hear Volkswagen, you automatically think of stunning cars with amazing designs and features. And the Golf GTI is one of the most famous and preferred series that bears sporty outlooks but is totally a family car. If you don’t want to spend tons of money on a newly purchased car, explore CarGurus for used automobiles that are in great condition and currently on sale. 

So, you’ll undoubtedly be getting better and cheaper prices when compared with market rates. For more such information, visit The Web Hunting’s website.


What is a Golf GTI?
Golf GTI is one of Volkswagen’s best-selling cars and has a sporty outlook but is fully safe and sound for families travelling together. The premium designs, efficient interiors, and low prices make it a great long-term investment.
What sets the Golf GTI apart from the regular Golf?
The performance offered by Golf GTI is what sets it aside from the regular Golf Volkswagen cars. You get up to 242 bhp power in GTI’s while the regular one holds only 227 bhp power.
Which engine do the Golf GTI models have?
The Golf GIT holds a 2.0 L-4 turbocharged, four-cylinder petrol engine that provides a boost in the latest models of around 242 bhp power. So, if you are looking for a sporty-looking car, Golf GTIs are surely a great option to explore.

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