Install Aesthetic And Practical Full Length Mirrors For Daily Convenience

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full length mirror
full length mirror

What’s that one item in our home that we necessarily need every day but often neglect? Among your many anticipations, I would like to add ‘A Full Length Mirror’. We are in a generation where we get the approval of our bestie or partner several times before uploading a single picture on social media. But still, your phone camera can’t replace the actual image reflected by a mirror which is always far more beautiful than a pic. That’s why I believe that a mirror is your only bestie with whom you don’t need any approvals! 

No matter if you’re preparing for a date, a party, or it’s just a normal working day, looking at a mirror gives you the confidence to ace any look. Small or irregular-sized mirrors can’t show how you’re looking from head to toe. Hence, you need full length mirrors! These mirrors are available in different styles and design options that will also enhance the look of your room. Discover some of the different styled full length mirrors in this blog and also learn to choose the perfect one for your room. 

How to Choose the Perfect Full Length Mirror?

There are a few key things to think about while buying a mirror. Let us examine these factors to assist you in making a well-informed choice:

Size and Space Available

  • Placement: Consider where you intend to place the mirror. Is it for your home or a commercial setting? For household use, choose a mirror that fits approximately 3/4ths of the wall. Customise the size based on your available wall space.

  • Frameless Option: In commercial settings (like clothing stores or gyms), a frameless mirror covering the entire wall is suitable. It provides ample space for viewers to assess their appearance without frame distractions.


  • Bedroom Mirrors: If placing the mirror in your bedroom, opt for a simple frame design.

  • Decorative Mirrors: For decorative purposes (such as in the living area), choose an elaborate frame design.

  • Bathroom Mirrors: Frameless mirrors work best in bathrooms, as they maximise space and accommodate multiple users comfortably.

Location Visualisation

  • Imagine Placement: Before making a decision, visualise where the mirror will go. Consider the wall size and whether it will be a focal point or a closet door addition.

  • Thickness: Think about the thickness of the mirror. A thinner mirror tends to fit seamlessly into any setting.

Discover the Full Length Mirrors at The Range

1. Gaia Washed Pattern Mirror 

Gaia Washed Pattern Mirror 
Gaia Washed Pattern Mirror

You’ll love having this full length Gaia Washed Pattern Mirror in your living area. This patterned mirror, which is ready to hang on both sides, has a stunning white-washed finish that goes well with any existing décor. This beautiful and intricate mirror is perfect for corridors, living rooms, and bedrooms. Explore more about the products on The Range! 

2. Full Length Standing Mirror with LED

Your bedroom or dressing area will look amazing and classy with the Free Standing full length Mirror. You can see your entire ensemble or do your hair and cosmetics in this huge, free-standing mirror. The white mirror makes your area feel lighter, brighter, and larger since it is simple to combine with the current decor in your room. LEDs surrounding the frame of this opulent mirror add extra light while getting ready and add a touch of Old Hollywood glitz to your space.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Window Mirror 

Indoor/Outdoor Window Mirror 
Indoor/Outdoor Window Mirror

The indoor/outdoor window mirror is a chic, modern addition to your living area that makes it easier to reflect and open up. With its 18 square sections, this chic and opulent mirror with a window-inspired design adds interest and texture to your wall while giving you plenty of room to touch up your hair, makeup, and wardrobe before heading out. This mirror may be used in the living room, hallway, or patio to add a touch of luxury to your outside area. It can also be hung in your garden or on your patio. With its easy-to-hang design and hooks on the back, this mirror will look great wherever you decide to put it. 

4. LED Crystal Effect Free Standing Mirror

The LED Crystal Effect Free Standing Mirror is an elegant and practical choice. It has a border of tiny crystals that shimmer gorgeously to create a statement of glitzy flair. This full length mirror, freestanding in the corner of your space, with LED lighting that is brilliant white and is controlled by a stylish touch button. Explore more on The Range!

5. Freestanding Jewelry Cabinet Mirror Lockable 

Freestanding Jewelry Cabinet Mirror Lockable 
Freestanding Jewelry Cabinet Mirror Lockable

You can get useful storage assistance with this full length mirror with storage. This mirror armoire measures 36.5D by 41.5W by 156H cm and is constructed from premium glass. The jewellery cabinet organiser has a safety lock that efficiently keeps kids and mischievous dogs away from your jewellery and cosmetics. The jewellery cabinet has three slots on each side to accommodate varying tilt degrees. 

6. Juliette Cheval Mirror

For the ultimate opulent décor, incorporate the Juliette Cheval Mirror’s classic design into your boudoir. It is made out of a full-length set within a delicate white frame, a distressed wooden mirror edge, a beautiful rose, and heat-embossed text that reads “love” in the trim. Combine this with other essential pieces from the Juliette line to create a gorgeous, rustic-inspired arrangement that has all the functionality needed for a modern environment.


Full length mirrors are a necessary addition to your room for quickly checking out your look before leaving. These can’t be replaced by short mirrors at all. Not only this, but full length mirror also combine aesthetics with functionality and are available in a wide range of styles at The Range. If you can’t find your best pick from the above products, check out The Range for more mirrors now!

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What is the normal size of a full length mirror?
The normal size of a full-length mirror typically ranges from 4 to 6 feet in height.
What is the use of a full length mirror?
These mirrors are used for checking your entire outfit at once, ensuring you look your best before heading out.
What is the best size for the mirror?
The best size for a mirror depends on the space and intended use; for full-length viewing, a height of around 5 to 6 feet is commonly recommended. 


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