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Football Magazines | thewebhunting
Football Magazines | thewebhunting

For football fans who live and breathe the beautiful game, football magazines offer an addicting fix of insider info. Find top publications that cover the Premier League, international competitions, fantasy leagues, stats breakdowns, betting odds, and more. From in-depth player profiles and interviews to expert match analysis, football magazines give you the stories behind the sport. Peruse the pages for unprecedented access to your favourite clubs and players. Whether you faithfully follow local competitions or live for the World Cup, these mags tackle football coverage from all angles to satisfy your obsession.

Content of Football Magazines

  • Player profiles – Get to know top players through in-depth features looking at their backgrounds, playing styles, key achievements, etc.
  • Team analyses – Breakdowns of top teams, their tactics, key players, strengths and weaknesses, and predictions for their upcoming seasons.
  • Season recaps – Look back at the biggest stories, standout players and teams, key stats and records from the previous season.
  • Predictions/previews – Experts preview upcoming seasons, make predictions for division/league winners, project statistical leaders, and forecast breakout players.
  • Draft analysis – Evaluate team needs and draft pick selections, profile top prospects, and grade each team’s draft performance.
  • Trade analysis – Break down key trades, examine each team’s motivations and grade who won the deal.
  • Fantasy football content – Player rankings, mock draft strategies, sleepers and busts to monitor in upcoming fantasy seasons.
  • Equipment updates – Reviews of latest gear – cleats, pads, helmets etc.
  • Behind-the-scenes access – Insider interviews with players/coaches, a glimpse into training camps, and draft war rooms.
  • Statistical analysis – Using advanced stats and analytics to unpack key trends, and make projections.
  • Opinion columns – Experts provide takes on controversies, analyze team performance, and discuss hot topics.
  • Photo spreads – Best action shots from recent games highlight the athleticism and emotion of football. The possibilities are endless!

Some of the best football magazines at WHSmith



Get your weekly football fix with MATCH! The magazine satiates fans with 100 pages loaded with Premier League news, in-depth interviews with top players, expert features, and comprehensive coverage of all divisions. Incisive match reporting, profiles on promising talents, and hilarious cartoons make it essential reading for followers of English football at all levels.

2. FourFourTwo

Go around the world of football with FourFourTwo. With unrivalled access and insight, FourFourTwo brings the global game home each month. Get inside perspectives on international superstars, behind-the-scenes club intel, tactical analysis, and photography that places you right on the pitch. Their blend of wit and wisdom is what makes FFT a modern football institution.

3. Gridiron Magazine

Gridiron Magazine
Gridiron Magazine

Discover the technical side of football in Gridiron Magazine. Gridiron digs into football’s finer technical points across all levels of the game. Pick up coaching tips from the pros, learn about advances in equipment, and gain insightful stats analysis. Interviews with personalities across football provide unprecedented access. Gridiron educates and inspires footballers of today and tomorrow.

4. World Soccer

Get the international perspective from World Soccer Magazine. For a truly global view, World Soccer covers the game far beyond British shores. Stay up to date on emerging international leagues, World Cup prep, and superstar profiles from Pelé to Mbappé. Monthly columns deliver a worldwide scope on issues impacting the sport. Football knows no borders in World Soccer.

5. She Kicks Magazine

She Kicks Magazine
She Kicks Magazine

Make women’s Football part of the conversation with She Kicks. She Kicks puts the female game front and centre with in-depth features on elite players, amateurs, and youth. Get skill tips, nutrition advice, and stories of the game’s development. She Kicks strives to normalize women’s football coverage and inspire participation at all levels.

6. The Blizzard

Dive deep into Football writing with The Blizzard Quarterly. The Blizzard features long-form stories, insight, and artistic football writing that gives time for concepts to unfold. Come for the tactical analysis, stay for the cultural commentary shaping the beautiful game. These curated works reveal football’s compelling hold on our imagination.

7. Late Tackle

Late Tackle
Late Tackle

Relive football’s finest moments in Late Tackle Magazine. Late Tackle indulges the nostalgia of fans who can never get enough football history. Each issue pays homage to iconic teams, legendary players, classic matches, vintage memorabilia and more. Relive the moments that made football great again through images and anecdotes.

8. Footballers Life Magazine

Get a player’s perspective with Footballers Life Magazine. By footballers, for footballers, Footballers Life gives an inside look at the modern game, from dressing room dynamics to handling fame. Top pros discuss mental health, nutrition, social lives and more. It’s a window into a footballer’s world, in their own words.


Get the behind-the-scenes perspectives you crave from the top football magazines from WHSmith. Through gripping photography and journalism, go deep into football culture beyond what you see on the pitch. Learn about emerging talent and transfers, gain coaching and training insights, get previews of upcoming fixtures, or relive legendary matches of the past. The top mags also connect you with fellow fan communities to share the football fever. For a truly immersive experience beyond match days, dive into the unrivalled analysis that only premier football magazines deliver week in and week out. To learn more about the monthly subscription football magazine visit TheWebHunting.


What are the biggest football magazines UK?
Some of the biggest football magazines in the UK are Match, FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes, and World Soccer.
WHO publishes World Soccer magazine?
World Soccer magazine is published by IPC Media.
Who stocks World Soccer magazine?
Major retailers that stock World Soccer magazine include WHSmith, Amazon, and direct subscriptions from the publisher.

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