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We all face low light issues while studying late at night, working on a serious project, or reading books before sleep. Right? Have you ever tried choosing or buying some of the best desk lamps for your study table to enhance your working experience? In this blog, we will learn about the features of desk lamps, the types of lamps, and how you can buy them according to your choice, decor or the home, and also according to your personal choices. 

The Range provides a perfect platform to answer all your questions about lamps. You can also find the perfect lighting solutions for your desk, whether you prefer exquisite or modern styles. Let’s start by exploring the types of lamps available in the market of your choice.

Top Preferred Types Of Desk Lamps

Here are a few options that you can choose for yourself or the decor of your living space or room. 

1. Traditional table lamps

You might have seen in movies of the 80s and 90s when there was a huge demand for these traditional table lamps. These are vintage, cosy, and elegant to look at not only illuminating the space but also giving a sophisticated vibe to the whole decor.

2. Arch Lamps

Lamps that shine right where you need them that are on your table while you are writing your journal are the best type of lamp. This type of lamp has a curving base of an arc lamp that shines light down over your work or reading area. These table lamps are often designed to compliment your decor.

3. Bankers Lamp

As these lamps are used by pianists to throw light on the keys of the piano, they are also known as pianist lamps. They are intended to guide light in the downward direction much like arc lamps, to help you concentrate on the subject at hand.

4. Bell Lamps

Lighting the table is not the only use of these lamps. Some just have the purpose of making a space feel cosier and brighter. And the ideal illustration would be bell lights. Often constructed of coloured glass, the bell-shaped shades of these little table lamps emit a gentle glow that gives your room a cosy feel.

Must-Have Desk Lamps For Your Home Space

1. Wireless Led Desk Lamp With Dimmable Feature

Wireless Led Desk Lamp With Dimmable Feature
Wireless Led Desk Lamp With Dimmable Feature | thewebhunting

Who does not like to arrange the products or elements in their home that should match their modernised decor? One of them is this desk lamp with modern facilities and other features. This wireless LED desk lamp with dimmable and adjustable light is good for people who are night owls and can select the light according to their needs. It has a sleek and simple design which takes less space on the table so you can arrange your other items on it. It can be charged with the cable that comes along with it and is suitable for working desks.

2. Stranger Things Inspired Demogorgon Desk Lamps

Be prepared Stranger Things Fan, as now you can feel the same thrill and energy with this lamp. These Stranger Things-inspired Demogorgon desk lamps can be a great gift for your kid, your friends, and other family members who enjoy watching this series. Light up your room while playing cards with your friends, create a scary yet funny moment and brighten up your inside thriller with it.

3. Antique Privet Brass Adjustable Desk Lamps

Antique Privet Brass Adjustable Desk Lamps
Antique Privet Brass Adjustable Desk Lamps | thewebhunting

Nothing can be a great gift for your father or for someone with a taste for antique elements than this bass desk lamp. These kinds of lamps are just an apple of their eyes which just makes your decor exquisite and reflects a vintage vibe. This Antique privet brass desk lamp is a contemporary piece, suitable for all rooms, and an ideal light to illuminate your reading or living area.  It has a stylish brass finish on the body, light can be adjusted, and a stylish look to give a modern vibe.

4. Astra LED Lamp With Wireless charging and pad speaker in black

Who will not love a lamp with a speaker for entertainment purposes? This Astra LED Lamp with wireless charging and speaker beneath is the perfect pair for journaling while listening to some soft songs. Comes in black and has 9 LED colour modes, 3W Bluetooth speaker is portable and lightweight, Type C USB powered, and has a rubberish finish to keep it sturdy and secure from fall. So now, according to your mood, change the colour of the light and the types of music to suit the environment. Enjoy the desk lamps for your space.


Wrapping up with the result is that these desk lamps are best for everyday use and have an antique vibe that customers can choose according to their needs. Different types of lamps are available at The Range for your living space. Do check out some of the best options on their website. 

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What type of light is best for a desk?
The neutral tone light and white light are best for the desk. For a vintage look, you can also prefer yellow light for your desk. 
What is a good desk lamp?
A good desk lamp has a movable neck for ideal setting, adjustable levels, and low glare to lessen eye strain while working. 
What lamp is best for the office?
Lamps that are considered best for offices are LED desk lights with adjustable brightness and colour temperature, which reduce eye strain while providing perfect lighting for professional work. 

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