Become The Ultimate ‘Denim Dream Girl’ With These Denim Shorts! 

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Denim Shorts
Denim Shorts | Thewebhunting

The hot summer days can be difficult, but you can make them more bearable with the right attire. And denim shorts are here to save you! As a classy and cool fashion item, denim shorts have proven their standing in the world of fashion. What makes them stand out is the ease of styling and convenient fit they offer. If you love shorts but want to add a unique touch, then denim shorts are the way to go! You can layer them or pair them up with trendy fashion choices. Their versatile adaptability makes them a beloved fashion item. And VICI has the ideal collection of denim shorts for you to try. Are you ready? Keep reading to find out more about denim shorts from VICI.  

What is VICI?

Established in 2012, VICI is a fashion platform that focuses on women’s dresses, apparel, accessories, and footwear. The brand’s mission is to provide stylish and trendy clothing accessible to women of all backgrounds. Whether you’re in need of office attire or winter fashion, you’ll discover a wide range of options here, all offered at budget-friendly prices. If you seek fashion inspiration, VICI can be the ultimate go-to destination, and if you’re someone who enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest trends, rest assured you’ve come to the perfect place.

What are some denim shorts ideas for the IT girl summer look? 

1. The Basic Denim Style

The Basic Denim Style
The Basic Denim Style | Thewebhunting

The most beloved and donned style in the denim fashion book. These denim shorts feature a structured waistband, button closure and five pockets. It is 100% cotton, which ensures breathability and ventilation. The ample pocket space makes it easy to store small essentials such as keys and cards. 

Complete the look with the top of your choice! Whether you go for a tank top, an oversized graphic tee, or a simple plain t-shirt, you’ll rock the look. If you want to add more, then accessorize the outfit with earrings and elegant footwear. The shorts are true to size and non-stretchable. To find your ideal size, go through the ‘Size and Fit’ corner and read the measurements provided.

2. High Waisted Jean Shorts- Peach Colored 

Who said denim shorts were only blue? These peach colored shorts prove otherwise. They have a high rise fit and will certainly add a vibrant touch to your wardrobe. If you are bored of the normal denim look, then do it differently with these shorts. You can wear them with neutral and dark colored tops. Whether you are feeling sexy or casual, style your outfit as per your choice and mood. 

The shorts are made of 100% cotton, which ensures excellent breathability throughout the day. There is a front button closure. Don’t forget to accessorize further and add finishing touches of your choice.

3. Paper Bag Waist Denim Shorts

Paper Bag Waist Denim Shorts
Paper Bag Waist Denim Shorts | Thewebhunting

If you love your outfits unique and detailed, then these ‘paper bag denim shorts are for you. They have an elastic waistband that assures a seamless and smooth fit. There is a front belt tie, which perfectly adorns the shorts. If you are done with those regular looking shorts, then you’ll definitely love these denim shorts. The waist tie is removable, so if you don’t feel like adding it to an outfit, feel free to remove it! There are 4 pockets with ample space for you to keep necessary small items. 

The shorts are made of cotton and spandex. If you are unaware of your size, then the ‘Size and Fit’ section has the entire list of dimensions to guide you. These shorts can be machine washed with cold water and tumble dried on low.

4. High Rise Ripped Style Denim Shorts

Add the vibe of ripped jeans to your favorite denim shorts. These high rise shorts are dark blue and offer the vintage ‘ripped look’ aesthetic. They are made of 100% cotton, which ensures enough ventilation during wear, making it ideal for summer.

There are 5 classic pockets to add to the look as well as make it convenient to wear. The distressed fabrication and ripped strand look on the edges, giving the shorts a cool and chic kind of vibe. The shorts give a relaxed and comfy fit.


Denim shorts stand out as iconic garment options in the fashion realm. They are durable, comfortable and super easy to style. They are widely sought after because of the convenience and fashionable touch they have to offer. With denim shorts, individuals can express their signature styles and show off the aesthetic they want to adopt. Especially during summer, denim shorts are the perfect go-to for escapism from the unbearable weather. If you are looking for denim shorts to include in your wardrobe, then VICI has you!. For more information, visit TheWebHunting.


How to properly care for and wash denim shorts?

When taking care of your denim shorts, these are some things you definitely need to do:

Wash using the right detergent and follow the instructions given. The washing technique may vary from hand washed to machine washed to spot cleaning.
Make sure you use the correct drying technique.
Fold your shorts neatly and keep it in a closet or drawer.

Are there any sustainable or eco-friendly denim short options available in the market?
Yes! There are many sustainable options available for the environmentally conscious folks. You can go for denim shorts made of recycled materials, low impact dyes, and organic materials. 
How to style denim shorts?
Denim shorts are widely loved because they are super easy to style! You can adopt any aesthetic of your choice and slay the look. You can wear denim shorts with tank tops, crop tops, tshirts, oversized tees, shirts and jackets! Moreover, you can layer different types of upperwear and style it accordingly. 

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