Sticky Solutions: Exploring Craft Glue Types To Tackle Any Project

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Craft glue
Craft glue

When your latest creation vision kicks into high gear, a trusty adhesive helps make those artistic dreams a reality. But not all glues are created equal when constructing handmade masterpieces. From bejeweling and decoupage to ribbons and foam, craft glue offers the tacky thread that intricately ties together imagination and inspiration. With so many formulas catering to specific materials and applications, discover your perfect sticky soulmate! Dip into tacky tapes for temporary bonds or grab an acid-free solution suited for prized paper treasures. Score some all-purpose overachievers ready to take on any hobby challenge with flex or precision nozzle applicators to target trickier spaces. Let’s unpack the erasers, markers, stamps and all essentials needed to manifest DIY magic!

1. What are the types of craft glue?

Here are some of the main types of craft glue:

All-Purpose Glue – All-purpose white glues like Elmer’s are good multi-use glues for paper, cardboard, wood, pottery and some fabrics and leather. They dry clear and flexible.

Hot Glue Guns – Hot melt glue guns use sticky, solid hot Craft glue sticks that set quickly to securely bond heavier materials like wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, foam and more.

Super Glues – Super glues create instant, extremely strong permanent bonds for smooth, non-porous surfaces like metal, plastic, glass and more.

Epoxy Glues – Two-part epoxy adhesives are extra-strong when mixed, ideal for bonding and sealing durable materials, especially smooth metals, tiles, glass and plastics.

Spray Adhesive – Spray glue or adhesive is useful for instantly, and evenly coating large areas and temporary bonds on fabric, paper, cardboard, foam and more.

Glue Dots and Tape – Reusable circular glue dots and double-sided tapes offer removable and permanent bonds, often without residue or damage for lightweight items.

Glue Sticks – Specialty glue sticks provide precision, mess-free application ideal for embellishing scrapbooks, and art projects involving paper and delicate materials.

Speciality Glues – Other glues like tacky glue, decoupage glue and glitter Craft glue adhere to specific materials for custom decorative effects.

2. Tips for Choosing the Right Craft Glue

  • Consider the materials you are bonding together – porcelain, wood, metal, paper, fabric, leather, etc. Select the glue formulated to work well with those materials.
  • Heavier materials like wood, metal and ceramics may require a very strong hot Craft glue or epoxy. Lightweight papers and fabrics need only a lighter tacky or all-purpose glue.
  • Think about appearance – if visibility matters, choose clear-drying glues. Or pick coloured hot melts as part of the decor.
  • Will the materials be exposed to heat, sunlight or moisture? Choose a glue-like silicone that withstands extreme temps, UV rays and humidity.
  • Do you need flexibility in the bond or for materials to move independently? Flexible glues like tacky glue work better than rigid bonds which may crack.
  • Consider if you need very quick bonds with little time to reposition – useful versions include super Craft glue, hot glue and spray adhesives.
  • Finally, factor in the application method – bottles, tubes or glue sticks for precision; spray or dots for covering bigger areas or temporary bonds.

Testing glues on scrap materials first helps pick the right adhesive for your particular crafting needs.

3. Best craft glue at WHSmith

1. Pritt Glue Sticks 43g x 2

Pritt Glue Sticks 43g x 2
Pritt Glue Sticks 43g x 2

The Pritt glue sticks provide clean, mess-free adhesion for paper crafts, school projects, scrapbooking and more. Use their strong tack to securely bond paper, cardboard, photos and light materials.

2. Decopatch Paperpatch Glue with Glitter 150g

Add a sparkling touch to scrapbook pages, frames, party decorations, cards and photos using Decopatch’s glitter Craft glue. The acrylic formula with fine glitter flows smoothly for decorative embellishments.

3. Elmer’s Clear Glue 946ml

Elmer's Clear Glue 946ml
Elmer’s Clear Glue 946ml

Use Elmer’s Clear Glue for lasting repairs around the home, crafts involving clear bonds and school projects where flexibility and strength are key. Make glow-in-the-dark arts and crafts with their supernatural Blue Glue that shines under darkness.

4. Elmer’s Blue Glow in the Dark Glue 147ml

Elmer’s superior 946ml Clear Glue withstands the test of time with durable flexibility, bonding power and clarity for lasting creative connections and repairs around the home. Glow brightly into the night with their 147ml supernatural Blue Glue, leaving trails and designs that shine under darkness.

5. Blu Tack Glu Dots

Blu Tack Glu Dots
Blu Tack Glu Dots

Blu Tack’s reusable adhesive dots mount lightweight party decorations, arts and crafts materials and photos conveniently without surface damage. Use the mess-free grippers for temporary or permanent crafting and decor needs.

6. Docrafts Stick It! Red Hot Melt Glue Gun

Docrafts’ Red Hot Melt Glue Gun quickly heats to bond fabrics, ceramics, wood, plastic, metals and more. Use the gun’s precision tip for lasting decorative embellishments. Their flexible Silicone Glue adheres to most materials for crafting and home repairs. 

7. Docrafts Stick It! Silicone Glue Tube 80ml

Docrafts’ Stick It! Clear Silicone Glue Tube adds flexible, waterproof seals to repair and connect glass, metal, rubber, ceramic, wood and most hard materials while resisting temperature extremes. Use the strong silicone adhesive for weatherproof bonding indoor and outdoor craft, home improvement and repair projects.

8. WHSmith Medium Glue Stick 20g

WHSmith’s classic 20g white Medium Glue Stick provides smooth, precision glue application and reliable tack to neatly adhere paper, cardboard, photos and other light materials for everyday crafting, school projects and scrapbooking needs. Its anti-dry design prevents clogs for easy twisting up of the mess-free glue.

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While transforming ideas into tangible creations often requires an array of speciality tools and materials, few compare to the capability of craft glue. These tactically tacky solutions cement artistic vision into reality. So embrace the journey from conception to finished product by stocking your craft cabinet from WHSmith, with bonding options suitable for any hobby project pursuits! For more information, visit TheWebHunting.


Which glue is best for crafts?
The best glue for crafts depends on the materials you are working with. Good all-purpose options include white craft glues like Elmer’s for paper, cardboard, wood and some fabrics. Hot glue guns work well for fast bonds between heavier items like wood, plastic or metal.
What is craft glue?
It refers to adhesives formulated for bonding and embellishing arts and crafts materials like paper, felt, fabrics, leather, ceramics, wood and more. Craft glues include options like tacky glue, hot melt glue, decoupage glue, and clear-drying white glues.
Is craft glue good for paper?
Yes, many craft types of glue designed for paper provide excellent adhesion for paper crafts and school projects. Opt for white craft glues, glue sticks, and tape runners formulated not to wrinkle or discolour thin paper and photos. These create smooth bonds without warping delicate paper materials.

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