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Broadband Without Landline
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Broadband without landlines frequently recognised by the name of ‘naked broadband’ or ‘standalone broadband’ offers internet connectivity to its users without having the requirement for a classical phone line instead. Rather than depending on a landline connection, this category of broadband service makes use of alternative technologies such as cables, fibre-optics or simply wireless connections to provide end-to-end high range of internet access to not only homes but also businesses. This category of broadband services is fit enough for those individuals and households that majorly make use of mobile phones or Voice over Internet Protocol services for the purpose of communication while they don’t require a landline phone service. 

By disposing of the requirement for landlines, users can take advantage of cost-saving techniques, easy installation procedures, and maximised flexibility in the options related to internet connectivity. 

Features of Broadband Without Landline

In today’s generation and modern age, internet connectivity is significant for staying connected, evaluating information and enjoying entertainment. Earlier classical broadband services used to come up in combination with the landline phone connection, even if the users required it or not. Enter into standalone broadband a modern solution that provides all the advantages of high-speed internet without having any requirement for a landline. Join our platform as we dig into the features that lead to naked broadband, a game-changer in the world of internet connectivity.

Cost effectiveness

The standalone broadband plans frequently provide competitive pricing in comparison to the wrapped package with a landline, offering cost-saving options for users who do not need traditional connection services. 


Users have the flexibility to select internet-only plans that fulfill their particular requirements, without being tied up to a landline phone service they might not make use of. 

Systematic installation

Unlimited broadband without landlines particularly needs minimal accession in comparison to traditional broadband accompanied by the landline, making it fast and easy to set up without the requirement for phone line installation or bracing.

High-speed internet

Standalone broadband services provide high-speed internet access, enabling the user to stream HD videos, download files carrying more MB that are heavy enough, and make fun of online gaming without any type of restrictions like slow connectivity. 

Types of connection

Broadband without landlines is available in various connection types comprising cable, fibre-optic, DSL and wireless technology, offering categories to suit the varied locations and preferences of the user. 

No rental fees for landline

By discarding the need for a landline connection, broadband without landline users avoid any type of additional rental fees linked with classical phone services, adding to the cost savings. 

Affinity with VoIP services

Users are still allowed to make phone calls over the Internet by the use of Voice over Internet protocol services like- skype, WhatsApp or Google Voice Taker without any requirement for the traditional landline. 

Upgraded privacy

Cheapest broadband without a deadline can be enjoyed by users with a rise in privacy, as they do not need to share their internet connection with landline phone service, declining the risk of potential security breaches.

One of the sustainable model

By selecting broadband without landlines, users can put in efforts in reducing the electronic waste linked with unused landline phone equipment and framework, encouraging a feasible approach to connectivity. 

Selecting the Best Broadband Without Landlines

To select a broadband package that is suitable and meets all the requirements of a landline connection too, several factors need to be considered including the following.


Whatever range of speed is preferred by you as a user, Virgin Media as a service provider has options for broadband without landlines. All the speed-based internet packages are available that users have the option to select from without the home phone, ranging from M125 for small households to our extra-fast Gig1 for gadget-filled homes. In comparison to the rivals prevailing in the market, the internet speed offered by them to the user is much faster. The service stays best for families in terms of offering them the opportunity to download and stream their favourite tracks, watch HD videos or conduct video calls with much ease and comfort without any network disruption. 


The network available to the users is 99.89% reliable and trusted. To instil peace of mind it is either working from home or streaming with your best-picked shows and channels, Virgin Media’s best Volt Broadband without landline packages all fall within Wifi Max coverage without charging any extra cost. 

Clever kit

The cheapest broadband without landlines offers you the Wifi hub, as it is strengthened with smart wifi technology, it is framed to automatically sort problems for you and select the least occupied signal for your device to help you stream and connect with the fastest network. 

Length of the contract

The standard contract length for broadband services without landlines is 18 to 24 months. But if you are looking for a plan which is short-term but also reliable and efficient then Virgin Media offers a rolling contract deal to our users of 30 days. 


Broadband without the landline provides a modern and adaptable solution for users to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity without any requirement for the classical phone service rendered earlier by the people. With the features of cost-saving technique, synchronised installation, and a range of connection options, this service offers its users the independence to select internet-supporting plans only that fulfil their particular needs and preferences.

As technology continues to grow and change, broadband without landlines from Virgin Media lays forward an endurable and efficient approach to internet connectivity, paying attention to fulfilling the needs of today’s digital lifestyles while encouraging the practices of cost-effectiveness, benefit and feasibility for users around the globe. Whether you are an occupied personnel, a digital wanderer, or a household person looking for a systematic network range, standing broadband provides its users with modern solutions that fulfil your internet-based requirements without any limitations of a landline. 

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Can I have broadband without a landline?
Yes, you can have broadband services without getting a landline installed along with. Any wireless internet plan can be used to set up a Wifi network at home or office with the help of a Wifi router. Satellite and standalone broadband is another option to enjoy high-speed internet access. 
How can I get broadband at home without a landline?
You can choose any wireless internet plan to set up and make use of a Wi-Fi network at home with the use of Wifi-router. To have the benefit of it you need to simply take the wifi router and connect it to the modem or receiver with the help of the ethernet cable. 
Is a landline connection necessary for broadband?
Basically, the broadband connection doesn’t need a landline or phone line, while some of the broadband connections come along with the phone connections. This would enable you to make calls and make use of broadband for internet connection at the same time, which was earlier not the case with dial-up connections. 









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