Bicycle Kickstand: Experience Uninterrupted Parking With Bicycles

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Bicycle kickstand
Bicycle kickstand | thewebhunting

The bicycle kickstand is designed to meet the seamless experience of parking bicycles without having to use any objects to keep the bicycles stand sturdy. Having one of these kickstands your bicycles are always ready to be parked any time anywhere with any additional help. 

A bicycle kickstand is a piece of metal that is designed ot flips down from the frame and it holds a stable balance on the ground to keep the bicycles standing still without falling. It’s one of the most utilized bicycle accessories among bicycle owners. Over the years these bicycle kickstands have evolved into many different types of kickstands to make bicycle users have enhancing experience. Halfords bring new types of these endless collections of Kickstands for customers of all types. 

What are the immediate advantages of using a bicycle kickstand?

There are some indisputable advantages of utilizing a bicycle kickstand that every bicycle owners need to know.

  • A bicycle kickstand is indisputably convenient to use at all times. It is efficient when you require quick parking while riding outside or even going on a long ride. Forget the idea of relying on the street walls, posts, or pillars in public places or any strong object for parking your bicycles. Conveniently secure your bike with the bicycle kickstands without causing any bike frame damage. 
  • They provide sturdy and stable hold to your entire bicycle body. This especially comes in handy when you are loading things on your bike or unloading. It keeps your bike stable without falling. 
  • The kickstands are a great way to keep your bicycles protected. They protect your bikes from getting scratched away, protect from getting damaged, dings, and accidental falling while parked somewhere. Keep your expensive bikes well protected from falling on the hard surface. 
  • Moreover, the kickstands keep the main parts of your bike from getting torn and worn out from any hard components that your bicycle may come in contact with. This will in return keep your bike from achieving a lifelong span sustenance.
  • The kickstands come in handy when you need to make a quick stop while shopping around the city or even while making some quick stops without having to dismount from your bikes.

Discover the top bicycle kickstands that will make your experience with bikes enhanced 

Halford brings some amazing kickstands that will make your experience with your bicycles more seamless and have a smooth riding experience

1. XLC KS-CO1 Chainstay Mounted Kick Stand

XLC KS-CO1 Chainstay Mounted Kick Stand
XLC KS-CO1 Chainstay Mounted Kick Stand | thewebhunting

When you need something more handy and convenient to use along with your expensive bike the XLC KS-CO1 Chainstay Mounted Kick Stand, 24-28 is a must-buy bicycle kickstand. It’s perfectly suitable with wheel sizes 24-28, and it includes mounting screws, and replacement pads for oval, square, or round chainstay. But the kickstand is not recommended for carbon fame bicycles.  When you need an ultimate solution with your bike’s stops and safety the  XLC KS-CO1 Chainstay Mounted Kick Stand is an unbeatable solution. The extra large rubber foot of the kickstand will assure sturdy parking.

2. XLC KS-B01 BB Mounted Kick Stand 

When there is a need to keep your bikes safe and protected from damages that may come from falling on a hard surface, the XLC KS-B01 BB Mounted Kick Stand is an excellent bicycle kickstand to buy. It is very handy, easy to carry around, and lightweight, and portable to use to keep your bike stable and stand still. Stop the habit of using walls or pillars for bikes to lean on when there is a need to make stops. This may cause damage to paddles, grips, and handlebars. This kickstand will make a perfect affix and assure upright resistance from falling. 

Moreover, this kickstand is well-built by expert engineers. It’s compatible with SHIMANO Hollowtech II & TRUVATIV Giga Pipe and well accommodating with wheel sizes from 26’’ to 28’’ with two mounted angle discs the kickstand is perfectly adjustable for parking and quick stops. 

3. M: Part Essential Adjustable Kickstand 24-29’’, Chainstay/Seatstay 

M Part Essential Adjustable Kickstand 24-29’’, ChainstaySeatstay 
M Part Essential Adjustable Kickstand 24-29’’, ChainstaySeatstay | thewebhunting

When you are looking for an excellent bicycle kickstand for bikes with frames without no space behind the button bracket the M: Part Essential Adjustable Kickstand 24-29’’, Chainstay/Seatstay on Halfords got you covered. This kickstand can withstand bikes with a weight of about 20kg. It’s an exceptional quality Kickstand at an affordable price for those cyclists who are looking for a good kickstand at a cost-effective price. The material is aluminum, and it’s ever-ready for easy adjustment stops and parking with a tool-free mechanism for a seamless bike experience. The kickstand can accommodate wheel sizes of up to 24 to 29 inches and withstand the bike weight of up to 20kg. It can be used with many multiple bikes.

4. M: Part Essential Adjustable Kickstand

The M: Part Essential Adjustable Kickstand on Halfords is a must-but for a great money value and for excellent support for your bikes. It is made of cast aluminum. The kickstand is a tool-free adjustment with wheel sizes of 24-29 inches. It can carry a staggering weight of about 20kg for quick stops and parking. In addition, the kickstand also has three different mounting options. This is for all those bikers who are seeking a reliable and affordable experience with a bicycle kickstand. The kickstand can also accommodate multiple types of bikes. It’s not only a reliable but durable kickstand that you don’t want to miss.

5. M: Part Prime Twin-Leg Kickstand 24-29’’. 

M Part Prime Twin-Leg Kickstand 24-29’’. 
M Part Prime Twin-Leg Kickstand 24-29’’. | thewebhunting

This is an excellent bicycle kickstand that values your money. The M: Part Prime Twin-Leg Kickstand 24-29’’.on Halfords is built to carry the weight of bikes up to 40kg. A high quality made of cast aluminum twin-leg kickstand. For prevention, the contact with the left chainstay both the kickstand is foldable for a drive train. It provides exceptional bike stability with heavy-laden bikes as well as accommodating the wheel size of 24-29 inches. With the twin-leg in-built experience the unparalleled stability with your e-cargo bikes.

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Having a kickstand for bicycles will make your sudden parks and stops with bikes an unparalleled experience at all times. These wide selections of kickstands on Halfords are designed to accommodate all types of bikes out in the market. If you are one of those cyclists who are looking for an affordable price on kickstand then Halfords is an excellent platform to make your timeless investment.  They are made of high-quality cast aluminium that not only assures stability but they are durable for years to come. For more information, visit Halfords and the official website of thewebhunting


How does a kickstand help the bicycle frame?
The kickstand is a device that the cyclist attached to the frame of a bicycle and it allows for study stands and parking anywhere. 
Why don't bikes have kickstands anymore?
One of the main reasons why many bikes are designed without a kickstand is to reduce the weight of the bikes. Since a kickstand contributes to increased air resistance which cyclists don’t usually prefer. It hinders speed and enhances riding with bikes. A lot of road bike manufacturers have stopped adding it to the bike design. 
How do I get the right bike kickstand?
First, know the distance from the bike frame to the ground. This helps you with the idea of getting the right kickstand that you need to consider. Also, considering the weight of the bike some kickstands are only designed to carry up to a certain weight of a bicycle.  

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