Cancel Your Trip Today If You Don’t Have These Travel Minis In Your Bag

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Travel Minis
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Travelling is fun, but it also involves hectic planning! Whether it is booking tickets, accommodations, or packing the right items, there is so much to do! So, if you want your getaway or vacation to be perfect, then you are in the right place! If you hate heavy bags (which we all do), then travel minis are the answer you are looking for. Look Fantastic is an European beauty retailer that features a myriad of products involving makeup, skincare, hair, fragrance, beauty accessories, and wellness products. 

Ready to pack? Keep reading to discover LOOKFANTASTIC’s best travel minis. 

Achieve a Convenient and Efficient Trip with these Travel minis!

If you are confused about what kind of travel minis you can include in your bag then here are a few ideas you can consider-


1. Dr. PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm

Dr. PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm
Dr. PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm | Thewebhunting

Traveling is straining, and we often forget to hydrate our body and skin! It is important to ensure that your lips are smooth and hydrated to prevent them from getting chapped. This Shea butter lip balm from Dr. PAWPAW is exactly what you need to keep your lips moisturized and soft! 

Just keep reapplying whenever you feel like your lips are getting dry. And then relax. It is made of cruelty-free and vegan products and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. This cute mini item won’t take up much space and is easy to use and carry. Besides your lips, you can also use it on your hair, lips and skin. It is absolutely versatile and hydrating! 

2. Drawstring Makeup Bag

Since we are talking about travel minis, let’s also include how to store them! This drawstring makeup bag will help you keep all your necessary items secure and in one place. It is easy to open and close. It opens up in a flat form, and to close it, you have to use the drawstrings. 

The blush pink shade is perfect for the Barbie girls! And you don’t need to worry about leaving any items behind because this bag is spacious enough to store a lot of things at once! 


1. Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen

Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen
Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen | Thewebhunting

Wherever you are, sunscreen is a must. And ‘not’ carrying sunscreen while traveling is literally a crime in the beauty realm! This Zelens Daily Defence Sunscreen has SPF 50 protection, is easy to store, apply, and provides nourishment to your skin. 

You can apply sunscreen to your hands, face, neck, feet, and other body parts which are exposed to the sun. 

2. BeautyPro Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

After a tiring day of travel, pamper yourself with a face mask! It will help hydrate and smooth your skin. This BeautyPro face mask includes hyaluronic acid and is perfect for moisturizing and keeping the skin glowing. 

Before using, make sure that your makeup has been removed and only keep it on your skin for 15-20 minutes. If you feel any itchiness or irritation, take it off immediately and wash your face. 

Bath and Body

1. Sensica Sensilight Mini Pulses Device

Sensica Sensilight Mini Pulses Device
Sensica Sensilight Mini Pulses Device | Thewebhunting

You don’t need to waste time packing your razor, shaving cream, or waxing strips. This mini pulse device is a quick alternative for hair removal. It used Reactive Pulse Light to remove hair from the body. 

Another thing is that it is absolutely painless, plus you don’t have to worry about ingrown hair or razor burns! 

2. Rahua Shower Gel

Stay fresh and clean with this shower gel. If you don’t like hotel soaps or shower lotions, then carry your own! The captivating fragrance and cleaning properties of this shower gel will keep you addicted! 


1. Mini Detangler Brush

Mini Detangler Brush
Mini Detangler Brush | Thewebhunting

A brush is a must have whether it’s a long trip or a regular day! This mini brush’s size makes it convenient to carry and use. Keep your hair detangled and smooth, and don’t let the exertions of the day meddle with your hair care routine! 

2.  Mini Styler

Keep your hair frizz free and set with this mini styler. Whether it’s your fringes or curls, style them however you like! This versatile product is easy to carry and store. Plus, it has an automatic sensor that turns it off immediately if not used for 30 minutes. 

It heats up in 30 seconds, so you don’t need to wait, and you can efficiently style your hair. 


1. Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Travel Spray

Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Travel Spray
Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Travel Spray | Thewebhunting

Spray this perfume on your key points. Whether it’s behind the ears, neck, or wrists. The vibrant and attractive scent will keep you feeling confident for the day! Feel seductive as this perfume helps you embody sexiness and utmost bliss. 

2. Prada’s Paradoxe Eau De Parfum

No one likes it sweaty! During long walks or travel sessions, one is bound to feel sweaty and uncomfortable. And that’s why carrying a perfume is important! The enchanting fragrance will help you feel magnetic and charming. And, the unique titled design of the perfume bottle is super cute! 


No, you don’t need to cut down on any of your travel essentials! You can take them all with you. Look Fantastic’s catalog of travel minis has it all! From aromatic products to makeup items, there is a mini version of everything! Plus, there are makeup bags available where you can easily store your travel minis. So, all you have to do now is choose your favorite items and get ready to pack! For more information, visit The Web Hunting. 


What are some must have travel essentials for newborn babies?
If you have a newborn baby, then you will need to carry a lot of specialized baby products to cater to its needs. Some travel essentials you must carry include- diapers, tissues and wipes, blanket, and necessary toiletries. 
What travel minis are not allowed in planes?
In most planes, liquids above a certain criteria are not allowed. Therefore, if your travel minis like creams, gels, shampoos, lotions cross that criteria, you will not be able to take them with you. So, before making your purchase, make sure that your travel minis are of the right size! 
Where do I keep my toiletries while traveling?
If you want to prevent your essential creams from getting squished or liquid gels from spilling then it is best to keep them in a separate bag. If you do not have a separate mini bag then you can wrap them in a newspaper and keep them inside a plastic bag. 

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