Our Picks Of Best Crime Novels That Will Have You Jumping Off Of Your Seats

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Best crime novels
Best crime novels | thewebhunting

In the big world of novels, crime stories always have a special spot. They pull people in with puzzles and excitement that keep them guessing what’s going to happen next. In this type of writing, Stephen King stands out as a person whose skill at telling stories goes beyond normal limits. Known for his amazing power to make complicated stories and people that stay in the reader’s mind, King is a big star in best crime novels.

His stories are not only fun to read but also teach how to tell them well. Next, we will look at why crime books are always so popular. We’ll also find out what makes King one of the best writers in this area all around the world. Come with us on a trip to see the works that have made his name famous and still catch people’s attention all over the globe.

Stephen King: Master of Crime and Suspense

Stephen King’s novels are not just stories. They take people on a deep journey into worlds full of tension, mystery, and sometimes magic-like things. King, one of the world’s top crime novelists, has remade how we think about this type of novel. He mixes in scary parts and psychological chills to make his stories more interesting for readers. His skill at making characters that people care about, mixed with deep stories, makes him a special storytelling person who leaves their mark in writing.

From famous mysteries to scary mind-benders: Best Crime Novels of All Time

The crime story world has many great novels that have made the genre even better. These stories are still loved by all after so long. The best crime novels of all time, from famous mysteries to scary mind-benders, have become great pieces of writing. These books not only make us laugh or cry, but they also give a deep understanding of people’s minds and hidden parts of society. As we look at the best crime novels, we celebrate those writers who have helped shape crime stories and still do.

Hardback Crime Novels Worth Exploring on WHSmith

Explore the exciting world of great stories, suspense, and good writing with our chosen group of best crime novels. From the wild celebrations in Cooper Chase to legal battles that go on everywhere and dark stories by Stephen King, these big novels have exciting tales. They also give pleasure from touching a lovely book with your hands. Join us on a literary journey as we introduce you to The Last Devil To Die, The Exchange, and You Like It Darker – hardback treasures that are as delightful to hold as they are to read.

1. The Last Devil To Die by Richard Osman (Author) – Hardback: £11.00:

Best crime novels
Best crime novels | thewebhunting

Our favourite octogenarians return in Richard Osman’s latest masterpiece, The Last Devil To Die. This novel costs £11.00 and the exciting hardback version is set in Christmas time at Coopers Chase place, where there might be a missing package or people getting killed. Osman makes his excitement, feelings, and funny moments clear in this fourth part of The Thursday Murder Club series. It is a fun mix of action and comedy together.

2. The Exchange by John Grisham (Author) – Hardback: £11.00:

Best crime novels
Best crime novels | thewebhunting

John Grisham’s The Exchange is a big sequel to his worldwide hit, The Firm. You can buy the hardback version for £11.00 and it takes readers on an exciting adventure in cities like New York, London, Rome, and Marrakech. Grisham shows his story-telling skills as he spins an exciting tale about getting lots of money captive and a personal grudge. The Exchange tells a fascinating story that will make people hold their breath.

3. You Like It Darker by Stephen King (Author) – Hardback: £12.50:

Best crime novels
Best crime novels | thewebhunting

Stephen King, the best storyteller when it comes to portraying scary things, lets readers join his world of secrets and surprises with You Like It Darker. This special limited edition novel will cost £12.50 to buy. There are 12 fantastic stories inside it but some of them haven’t been on sale before for anyone else. King writes about the harder parts of life – not just imagined but real. His stories look at things like fate, death, and luck while also exploring how strange reality can be sometimes. As a great writer of short stories, King’s tales are full, exciting, and as famous as his big books. You Like It Darker promises a fun trip into the amazing mind of one of our time’s best storytellers.



In the exciting world of best crime novels, people like Stephen King make them better. These writers tell interesting tales that keep readers hooked and go beyond what’s normal for suspenseful writing. When people read a Stephen King book or explore stories in hard books like The Last Devil To Die and The Exchange, they find an exciting collection of tales that are full of secrets. 

These great books on WHSmith, with their complex storylines and unforgettable people, not only amuse but leave a long-lasting mark on our understanding of novels. If you want more exciting novels and the newest news about literature, TheWebHunting is where you should go. It’s a place that finds good stories and gives tips, reviews, or recommendations to help book lovers know the best crime novels better. Come with us on this adventure of reading. Each time you turn a page, it shows more surprises and keeps you excited.


What are the best crime novels ever?
Some best crime novels loved by everyone are Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle, and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Who is the best writer of crime stories ever?
Famous crime writers are Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Raymond Chandler. Modern authors like Gillian Flynn and Michael Connelly also belong to this group.
Who is the top crime novel writer in the world?
The best crime novel writer in the world can change as people have their likes and dislikes. But, writers like Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and James Patterson have gotten very popular praise.

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