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Bedside table for bedroom
Bedside table for bedroom | Thewebhunting

As far as bedroom furniture goes, the often-overlooked bedside table plays a hugely important role. Far more than just a surface for your morning coffee, the right nightstand establishes that covetable cosy factor while providing practical storage solutions. We’ll explore styling your dreamy bedside setup complete with little luxuries like soft lighting, framed photos, and storage-savvy organisers that transform chaos into calm. From upholstered drawers to hidden charging docks, discover how this petite piece can elevate bedtime tranquillity and awaken organisational inspiration. Let’s unlock the secret powers of the bedside table for bedroom!

How to Choose the Right Bedside Table for Bedroom?

Choosing the right bedside table for your bedroom is an important decision that impacts comfort, storage, and aesthetics. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Consider size – Make sure your bedside table dimensions work for the layout. Measure the length and depth of space available to ensure an appropriate size. Generally, you want at least 12 inches of the surface but don’t overwhelm the space.
  2. Assess your storage needs – Evaluate what you need access to while in bed: books, glasses, remotes, etc. Opt for a design with sufficient drawers, shelves, or cabinet space to organise essentials within easy reach.
  3. Mind the height – For ideal ergonomics, choose a nightstand that is level with your mattress height. This allows you to easily access items from a lounging position. Standard heights range between 24-30 inches.
  4. Choose a complementary style – Your nightstand should coordinate nicely with your existing bedroom decor and furniture. Browse options that match the colour, material, and design aesthetic of other pieces.
  5. Consider functionality – If charging devices bedside, opt for USB ports and outlets integrated into the design. Touch-sensitive lighting and other tech features also enhance usefulness.
  6. Prioritise quality materials – Since bedside tables endure daily use and wear, solid wood construction from oak, ash and pine will withstand long-term use better than lower-cost particle board options.

Keeping these key considerations in mind will help you select the perfect bedside table to meet your bedroom needs and style preferences effortlessly.

Best Bedside Table for Bedroom at The Range

1. Lara Bedside Table

Lara Bedside Table
Lara Bedside Table | Thewebhunting

This minimalist Lara bedside table lends Scandinavian inspiration to modern bedroom decor. Crafted from solid pine wood, the compact nightstand features a single drawer for organising bedtime essentials. Its neutral white finish allows effortless pairing with existing furnishings while contrasting wood grain tops provide natural visual interest. Place beside the bed to hold lamps, books, charging devices or display decorative accents. Sized right for smaller spaces, this unfussy bedside table for bedroom keeps necessities easily accessible for relaxed nights in the bedroom oasis.

2. Bedside Table Nightstand with Rattan Drawer – Nature Wood 

Bring breezy boho vibes to your bedside oasis with this woven rattan nightstand. The natural finish pairs beautifully with white painted woods for beach house charm. Two drawers provide ample storage for stowing phones, remotes, and reading glasses within arm’s reach. Nestle your favourite succulent or a textured ceramic lamp atop the surface for an earthy layered look. Lightweight yet durable, this eco-friendly bedside table for bedroom alternative repurposes renewable water hyacinth, reducing waste while making it over your bedroom.

3. RGB LED High Gloss 2 Drawer Bedside Table

RGB LED High Gloss 2 Drawer Bedside Table
RGB LED High Gloss 2 Drawer Bedside Table | Thewebhunting

Make a seriously modern statement beside your bed with this ambient LED smart bedside table for bedroom. Beyond two felt-lined drawers for keeping nighttime items organised, the high gloss exterior illuminates in any colour using an adjustable remote or voice control app. Program timers to slowly brighten in the AM for a sunrise effect or create a moody hue for movie nights. Charge devices using the convenient top port that conceals cords neatly. Contemporary yet customisable, this tech-enhanced bedside table knows how to set the mood.

4. Bedside Table with 2 Drawers and Shelves – White

Get twice the storage with this two-tier bedside table for bedroom. The classic Parsons design features a roomy top drawer for stashing larger items like iPads or magazines. Below, an open cubby fitted with an adjustable shelf provides customisable storage and display space for books and bedtime beverages. The clean-lined silhouette finished in durable white lacquer pairs perfectly with decor of varying aesthetics. Affordable yet well-appointed, this space-savvy bedside table serves double bedroom duty without the hefty price tag.

5. SoBuy Bedside Table with 2 Drawers

SoBuy Bedside Table with 2 Drawers
SoBuy Bedside Table with 2 Drawers | Thewebhunting

Maximise vertical storage in small spaces with this bedside table for bedroom. The slender unit hosts two drawers stacked atop a bottom shelf behind a cabinet door. Conceal clutter while keeping essentials easily accessible within arm’s reach from the bed. Made from sturdy fiberwood with an espresso finish, the budget-friendly piece adds subtle texture. The compact sizing slides neatly beside mattresses without dominating the surroundings. Stack designer table lamps or decorative boxes atop each tier to elevate the look stylishly.

6. Nyborg 2 Drawer Bedside – White / 2

Scandi style shines with this minimalist bedside table for bedroom from Nyborg. Sold as a set of two, the streamlined nightstands feature two smooth drawers each for tucking away PJs, devices, or late-night snacks discreetly. Made from a solid pine wood frame with a moisture-resistant white lacquer coating, they stand up well to wear. The tapered wood legs add subtle contrast for timeless appeal. Float each beside bed frames of all styles then adorn with earthy textiles and abstract art prints for an effortlessly relaxed Nordic vibe in the bedroom space.


When envisioning your bedroom refuge, don’t underestimate the impact of a well-appointed bedside table for bedroom. This humble workhorse sets the tone for rested rejuvenation all night long and stress-free rising with each new day. Get inspired by The Range to give your bedside brigade a stylish refresh to set the foundation for nights of deep sleep and organised mornings ahead. For more information about wooden bedside tables visit TheWebHunting.


What is the bedside table called?
Bedside tables are often referred to interchangeably as nightstands. They serve the same core function beside the bed even if styling varies.
What is the difference between a nightstand and a bedside table?
There is very little difference between a nightstand and a bedside table – the terms are commonly used to refer to the same furniture item. The only distinction is sometimes aesthetic, with “nightstand” conveying a more traditional wooden design while “bedside table” may reference contemporary materials like acrylic, metal or woven rattan.
What is the purpose of a bedside table?
A bedside table serves multiple important purposes. Primarily, it provides close accessible storage for items you need within reach like phones, tablets, remotes, books, eyeglasses, water and other bedtime essentials. Stylish nightstands also contribute to the overall bedroom aesthetic and cosy ambience for relaxing and sleeping.
Why do people use bedside tables?
People use bedside tables for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Keeping frequently used items right at hand avoids disruption and clutter while setting the mood with elements like tableside lamps, framed photos, and art objects. The storage drawers or shelves also help organise items that might otherwise end up on the floor like charging cables, notepads, pens and more.

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