Beach Towel: Beach Accessories For A Perfect Vacation Experience 

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beach towel
beach towel

The things that look small are always the most important accessories that come in handy. When you are heading off to a beach, apart from swimsuits, sunscreen, juice for hydration and other beach accessories a beach towel is crucial. Your sunny vocational experience remains incomplete when you don’t have a beach towel. 

If you are still wondering what you can do with a beach towel while spending your vacation at the beach, here are some interesting things to do with it. They are also great for a lot of other purposes. 

The Utility of Beach Towels:

Firstly the towel for the beach is great for drying off your body after swimming. Since they are large, it’s possible to entirely and easily cover your whole body on the towel while lying after a bath. Your body should relax on it without getting the sand stuck to your skin. 

Secondly, one of the major reasons why a beach towel comes in handy is for sunbathing on the beach. This is one of the best things to do while on the beach. Since the large size will entirely fit your body, you won’t have to worry about touching the sand or grass and overall take a peaceful sunbath. It also prevents your body from feeling discomfort because of the sand.

These towels on the beach also come in handy when you are planning for picnics or dining on the beach. It could simply create a clean space for dishes and serve food without getting sand on the food. It easily creates a comfortable space for people to enjoy their meals together. 

The towels are also great for simply laying down the beach where you want to mark your area. The colorful beach towels are great to set up decoratively and let other people become aware of your spacing. Moreover, they are great substitutes for regular bathroom towels as well.

Shop the top collection of Towels for the beach on Debenhams:

1. Liverpool FC YNWA Beach Towel 

Liverpool FC YNWA Beach Towel 
Liverpool FC YNWA Beach Towel | thewebhunting

This is a great comfortable towel designed for the beach. For those individuals who are looking for the perfect towel to lie down, for sunbathing, for using it as a blanket, changing dresses, the Liverpool FC YNWA towel for the beach is a great delight altogether. It’s made of 100% cotton fabric. The width is 70cm and the length is 140cm. An official licensed YNWA towel.

2. FC Barcelona Crest Towel

If you are a big fan of FC Barcelona, then wait no longer and check out this  FC Barcelona Crest Towel for the beach. It’s made of 100% cotton material, with a length of 140cm and a width of 75 cm. Show your love for the best football club while you are on the beach. The large size allows for comfortable sunbathing and covers your space without letting the sand in, and the beautifully printed design logo makes the mood sporty on the beach.

3. Striped Tassel Beach Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

Dry Microfiber Towel
Dry Microfiber Towel | thewebhunting

The Striped Tassel Towel for Beach is a well-crafted towel with a refreshing color. The quick fabric allows the users plenty of space for sunbathing, creating your personal space on the beach with a decorative display. The towel is also convenient to carry around due to the adjustable drawstring strap that the users can easily roll up and carry around when required. The soft and lightweight fabric allows for quick drying after a bath or swimming, and the fabric also resists sand. Apart from using on the beach, the Striped Tassel beach towel is versatile to use at the swimming pool, at the spa and while traveling it is easy to fit your expectations. Look out for more microfibre beach towels on Debenhams.

4. Beach Towel Removable Pillow Travel 

Brentford brings a versatile and multi-functional towel to use at the beach. The is made of soft and quick-drying fabric and it allows for a perfect relaxing time on the beach after a swim. It’s great to lie down while taking a sunbath. The interesting thing about this towel is that it can be inflated and deflated for utilizing the pillow. When you need a soft pillow to lie down while taking a sunbath simply inflate it and your pillow is ready to use. The versatile nature makes it even more convenient to use both at the beach and while traveling.

5. Tropical Palm Beach In a Bag Beach Towel 

Bag Beach Towel 
Bag Beach Towel | thewebhunting

Keep your mood feel ever refreshed with this beautifully designed Tropical Palm Beach Towel in a Bag. It’s an ideal towel for the beach made with great fabric quality. It’s quick to dry, easy to use, great to lay down on the beach while taking a sunbath, and it’s perfect to lay down for marking your space. If you are planning a beach holiday it’s a must-have beach towel. In addition, the printed color pattern flowers intensify the mood and are excellent to use at the beach and the pool, or while traveling. It’s 100% cotton material and easy to machine wash.

6. Nautical Beach Towel Multi (Rapport)

Sailing to your perfect beach destination, the Nautical Beach towel makes your destiny to any beach vacation complete. It comes in large size which makes it perfect to use on the beach while taking a sunbath, and while swimming at the pool. It’s quick-drying with its fabric aiding in the process. Let your perfect summer vacation come alive when you have what it takes to feel complete on the beach. It’s 25 % polyester, and 75% Cotton.


Whether you are constantly at the beach or planning a beach vacation, it’s important to have the right beach towel. With multi-functionality built, they serve your purpose and also keep your vacation experience enhanced. Without having to spend much get your cost-effective shopping experience only with Debenhams. Since Debenhams brings an endless collection of these towels at cost-effective prices enjoy shopping at affordable prices on the towel for the beach. For more information visit Thewebhunting.


What should I look for in a towel for the beach?
A good towel indicates a good fabric, quick to dry, absorbent, and large enough to accommodate your beach experience such as sunbathing, decorating your space at the beach, and also for covering.
How often do you wash beach towels?
Generally, if you are using the towel constantly washing it about every third use is recommended. This helps to keep the bacteria off the towel and to maintain hygiene.
Should I buy a beach towel that is thick or thin?
The level of thickness depends on the individual’s choice. If you are looking for a perfect comfortable towel, then soft, fluffy towels that are not too thick and not extremely thin will be the best choice. Choose the one that is comfortable for your skin and lightweight. 

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