Spruce Up Your Space: The Essential Guide to Bathroom Vanity Units

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bathroom vanity units
bathroom vanity units

Looking to elevate your bathroom’s functionality and style? Look no further than the bathroom vanity units! This versatile piece of furniture goes beyond aesthetics, offering valuable storage and a designated space for daily routines. From smaller space options to lavish ones, this article will help you easily find the best bathroom unit that works well with your space.

Why Bathroom Vanity Units Are Important

Think bathroom vanities are just about aesthetics? Think again! These units offer both style and practical usage which is important for your bathroom. Here is why you should install bathroom vanity units in your bathroom:

  • Storage Savvy

Vanities offer extra storage space so you can keep all your bathroom essentials in one place. This keeps your bathroom clutter-free and organized.

  • Convenience Center

Toiletries and personal care items can be stored on the built-in counter seen in most laundry rooms. For convenience, some even come with built-in soap dispensers.

  • Mirror Combined

Many vanities come with a mirror, making it easier for your morning routine. This brightens the space, especially in smaller bathrooms.

  • Sink Sanctuary

The main item of a vanity is the sink. So, you can easily wash or clean up.

Picking the Right Material for Bathroom Vanities

  • Solid Wood

Solid wood vanities are known for their durability and elegant designs. But, when exposed to different humidity levels, can either expand or shrink in.

  • PVC

PVC shines with its complete water resistance and affordability. PVC is a very low-maintenance material that is very smooth. And, it’s even heat-resistant, making it a great choice.

  • MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

MDF is a great material as it is both affordable and long-lasting. It is even less prone to fading than solid wood.

  • Plywood

Seeking a balance of affordability and aesthetics? Look no further than plywood as it is quite a strong material. It is made by bonding many wood veneers together which makes it quite a dependable option for your bathroom. It is less prone to expand or contract with changes in humidity.

How to Find the Right Bathroom Vanity Unit?

A crucial component of both function and style is the bathroom vanity unit. But how can you choose wisely when there are so many possibilities available? The following are some crucial things to think about:

  • Measure Up

Before you start browsing, take note of the available space in your bathroom. This will help you identify the best bathroom vanity units that fit comfortably without feeling cramped.

  • Small Space Savvy

Limited square footage? Don’t worry! Many vanities come in compact designs that maximise storage and functionality.

  • Large Vanities

If your bathroom is larger, consider expanding vanities that provide lots of surface and storage space.

  • Storage Solutions

Take into account who will be utilising the vanity and how much storage you’ll need. There is always room for toiletries for everyone thanks to the numerous cabinets and drawers.

  • Freestanding or wall-mounted

Freestanding units offer more storage space, while wall-mounted models offer a sleek, modern look.

  • Doors vs drawers

Doors allow easy access to larger items and drawers help organise small bathrooms. Some vanity products even offer a combination of both!

  • Shelf Life

Do you need extra space for toiletries or decorative items? Opt for vanities with built-in shelves or countertops.

  • Bathroom Harmony

The new vanity should complement your existing bathroom decor. Consider the overall style – traditional or contemporary?

  • Color Coordination

Does your bathroom have a defined colour scheme? Choose a vanity unit that blends seamlessly or adds a touch of contrast.

  • Furniture Flow

Ensure your new unit complements other bathroom elements. For a unified design, get a wall-mounted vanity if your fixtures are wall-mounted.

  • Surface Synergy

Do you have existing countertops or shelves in stone, wood, marble, or another material? Many vanities come with a variety of worktop materials to create a unified aesthetic.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Vanity Units by Travis Perkins

1. Rocca Debbaa Vanity Unit

Rocca Debbaa Vanity Unit
Rocca Debbaa Vanity Unit

The Roca Debba Vanity Unit boasts a space-saving design that’s perfect for smaller bathrooms. It features a compact 360mm projection and two soft-close drawers with ample storage space. The textured linen drawer interiors add a touch of style, while the included space-saving waste bin keeps things tidy. You can get more bathroom vanity units like this from Travis Perkins at affordable prices.

2. Victoria-N Pack Drawer

Part of the Victoria-N series, which ideally matches the Laura bathroom collection, is the Roca Victoria-N Pack 700 2 Drawer Gloss White basin and furniture pack. It has two soft-close drawers for simple storage and a glossy white finish. Choose the bathroom vanity unit that best suits your needs by looking through the variety that Travis Perkins offers.

3. Mini Unik Vanity 450

Mini Unik Vanity 450
Mini Unik Vanity 450

Short on space? The Roca Mini Unik vanity is your solution! This compact unit boasts a sleek design and high-quality build, making it ideal for modern or traditional bathrooms. Featuring soft-closing doors, a handy basin, and wall-mounted installation, it maximizes space and minimizes hassle. So get it today from Travis Perkins before it runs out.

4. Mini Vanity Pack with Mirror

For your bathroom, the White Roca Mini Vanity Pack with Mirror is a space-saving option. This small unit, which comes in a variety of fashionable colors, combines a sink and furnishings in a sleek design. Plus, it includes a mirror for added convenience, all in one easy-to-order package! So, if you are looking for stylish yet affordable bathroom vanity units, get this mini one from Travis Perkins today.


The bottom of the bathroom is a single hatch that provides style and functionality to your bathroom. They have storage space and a separate washing corner and can be used to lift an entire room. Thanks to Travis Perkins’ wide selection and quality materials, you are sure to find the perfect toilet that will transform your bathroom. 

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Are bathroom vanity units easy to install?
Installation difficulty can vary depending on the unit and your DIY skills; some may require professional installation, while others can be straightforward with basic tools and instructions.
What materials are commonly used for bathroom vanity units?
Most used materials include wood, stainless steel, or quartz as every material offers a unique appearance, durability, and price difference.
What size vanity unit do I need for my bathroom?
Measure the area in your bathroom and take functionality into account when choosing a size. Typical widths for a single sink vanity are 24 to 72 inches, and for a double sink vanity, they are 60 to 72 inches.

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