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_apple event
_apple event

Like any other year, the big event of September is just around the corner. The Apple company is expected to showcase the release of the new iPhone series, expected to address keynotes such as the latest Apple products from smartphones, and smartwatches to MacBooks, and more. It’s one of the thrilling events for tech enthusiasts and tech websites that never fail to disappoint their users and customers globally. Moreover, the Apple event 2023 is expected to be held on September 12.  

1. What is the Apple event 2023 all about?

The Apple event is one of the special events that all Apple fans worldwide wait for the announcement of the new Apple products or series in the market. We all love the eagerness that comes with the new updation or even the launch of a new series related to iPhones, MacBooks, watches, computers, and more. Likewise, this year we can expect something new related to the latest iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and more updates by Apple. It’s the most awaited moment for iPhone lovers to see what Apple has in store this year for them. 

1. The Release of the new iPhone 15 series Expected at Apple Event 

The Release of the new iPhone 15 series Expected at Apple Event | Thewebhunting
The Release of the new iPhone 15 series Expected at Apple Event | Thewebhunting

Of all the Apple products the iPhone 14 was the latest Apple product which was launched in 2022 in September. But now the newest rumour in the market that we all have been hearing is the launching of the iPhone 15 series which is expected to be the keynote address as well. Although the latest model is yet to be launched in the market.

2. The Release of the Apple Watch Series 9 Expected at Apple Event 

For all the Apple Watch lovers the new update that we can expect from the Apple event this year is the keynotes on the release of the Apple Watch Series 9. The new device will be an iterative update to the Apple Watch Series 8 which is expected to be released this month. One can expect all the new features that will come with the release of the new device.

3. The Release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Expected at Apple Event 

The Release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Expected at Apple Event | Thewebhunting
The Release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Expected at Apple Event | Thewebhunting

Another keynote that one can expect during the Apple event is the keynote address on the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 which many of us have been eagerly waiting for. The event will highlight all the new specifications and how the new device is different from the older one. This grand opening will be a great opportunity for many to learn about the Ultra 2 Apple watch. It has been rumored that it will take the market on a large scale of influence among Apple product users.

4. The Release of iPhone Cases and Apple Watch Bands Expected At Apple Event 

Like any other year even this year at the event, Apple is ready to announce the new iPhone Cases and Apple Watch Bands with more sleek designs. This is also going to be a thrilling experience for many iPhone users and also for those who have been expecting an update from the previous version. The variety of colors and the new series are expected to be made of woven fabric material and will feature a magnetic buckle. This is going to be a great event where we can expect a better version compared to the older one.

5. The Release of USD-C AirPods Pro Case Expected At Apple Event 

The Release of USD-C AirPods Pro Case Expected At Apple Event | Thewebhunting
The Release of USD-C AirPods Pro Case Expected At Apple Event | Thewebhunting

This is a great update for all those who have been using the older version of the AirPods Pro case. The USD-C AirPods Pro Case’s new release is going to be an excellent choice to stay updated on new tech devices. We can expect the new update to be thrilling and exciting at the same time. Moreover, we are also expecting the color-matched braided USB-C to USB-C cable along with the white cable. The variety of colors will also make all the difference with the new release. 

The braided design is also expected to be more durable and the color variety is expected to have a matching shade with the iPhone 15 Pro models. Moreover, the Apple Event is expected according to the rumors to have new software released for Apple Products. Which will likely bring new functionality for iPhone users. For instance: 

iOs 17 for  iPhones 

IpadOS 17 for iPads

WatchOS 10 for Apple Watches 

tvOs 17 for the Apple TV

2. What are the things that happened at Apple Events?

The Apple Event takes place at the grand level where apart from the live platform addresses and announcements, the online streamlining is also made possible worldwide audience. Some general things happen at the event and one can expect the event to follow these aspects. The first thing that we can all expect is the grand opening and the unveiling of new products. This product announcement will include the product features, specialty, upgrades from the old devices, and more. 

The live stage will also demonstrate the software updates and the live functionality of the new software. Whether it be on iPhones or macOS.The highlights also cover the visible improvement made and the change in the operating systems. Audiences around the world can enjoy the luxury of witnessing the grand event through online streaming such as YouTube and the official website. 

The event also collaborates the various guest speakers who are often from different Tech companies or Apple partners who discuss the uniqueness of the new updates. The overall benefits, functionality, environmental impact, and many more allow its audience to expect what the new features have installed for its customers.


The upcoming Apple Event which is going to take place on 12 September is going to be a grand opening. This is mainly because of the huge updates made by Apple on the new devices compared to the older devices. Moreover, the market is also driven by the sophistication Apple brings to the market, and therefore this year as well the market is expected to have a huge gathering of people coming forward to witness the updates on the latest Apple products. For more information on the Apple Event, visit ThewebHunting.


What time is the Apple event this year?
The Apple event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. in California. If you are looking forward to online streamlining from a different country you can check out the time zone in your country that of California.
When is Apple's September event expected to take place?
Finally, the grand finale of the Apple Event is announced to be held on 12th September 2023. Where all the lineup on new devices will be announced.
What is Apple announcing on September 12?
Apple has decided to announce at the Apple event the release of the new iPhone 15 Pro Maz Models iPhone 15 Standard models, the new series of Apple Watches, and also the new software. 

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